California Scenic Drives

With its miles of coastline, scenic state parks and outdoor California attractions like the Giant Redwoods; scenic drives can be enjoyed in any part of California. With some of the best rates in the country, the large vehicle rental companies all compete to have the most cheap car rental California has to offer the visitor, and a good California map can help you plan your route for the best views.

State Route 29 is one of the lesser-known drives in California. This drive takes you through Napa Valley to Calistoga. You will drive through the sleepy Northern California town of St Helena, after which State Route 29 goes through a couple of State Parks that have areas for swimming, hiking, and camping. While not a road trip, the Napa Valley Dinner Train is also a great way to tour wine country.

Old Faithful is in Calistoga, so if you want to see one of the major California attractions, then you should take a ride on State Route 29. Just before you reach the Napa County line, right off the road you will run into Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, which is one of the last things you'll find on one of the most scenic drives in California.

17 Mile Drive is actually a part of Highway 1 but it is one of the most scenic drives in the state of California that it deserves its own moniker. Starting at Monterey and ending at Carmel, the 17 Mile Drive is a great way to see the Monterey Area. Pebble Beach golf course is set on these lovely, manicured grounds, and you must pay a toll to get on 17 Mile Drive and enjoy this most scenic area of the California coast. Stop and visit the Lone Cypress, a symbol of Monterey that is recognized all around the world. If you factor in airfare and the cost of guided tours, you will realize that touring the state in the most cheap car rental California has allows you to see it all at your own pace while saving hundred of dollars.

Highway 1 is truly the greatest of all the scenic drives in the Golden State. Stretching hundreds of miles, Highway 1 takes you all the way from Mendocino County in the Northern Coast to San Juan Capistrano, Orange County in Southern California.

If you drive south, you will be on the ocean side of the highway, so this is one of the best ways to see unimpeded views of the Pacific Ocean. On your way south from San Francisco, you will pass by the scenic Monterey Peninsula, home to the famous Monterey Aquarium and the lovely boardwalk and waterfront of Monterey.

Next, you will come upon the mystical shores are Big Sur, which stretches from Carmel just south of Monterey all the way down to San Simeon. These fog-shrouded areas of the Central Coast are simply beyond description. The closest thing you could compare this to is a lovely isle on the Ireland coast. Rocky cliffs, large boulders protruding out of the water, and the most inspiring, pristine beaches make you feel like a king, with everything you see as your castle.

As you wind towards San Luis Obispo past Central California beaches, the temperature begins to rise and the colors of the landscape have taken on a hue. The sun breaks through the coastal fog and you can see the rolling green foothills that occasionally block your views of the lush Central Valley.

Yosemite is one of the most visited parks in the state. Driving its 64-mile scenic route can be done whether you're just driving through or are spending a few days in the park. You will drive from west to east, seeing glacial lakes, sub alpine meadows filled with wildflowers, and dense forests of Evergreens filled with towering giant Sequoias, like in the Avenue of the Giants. One of the most scenic drives in California, you can choose to drive or hike on this beautiful road.

You can rent a car in this state more cheaply than you will find anywhere else in the country. California Car Rentals have some of the best deals around. So, what are you waiting for? Find the best cheap car rental California has and begin an adventurous, inexpensive tour of California State.

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