Seal Beach

Seal Beach California is a small Orange County city that is located just across the southern border of Los Angeles County. It offers visitors a fantastic beach where soaking up the warm California sun is just one of the possible pursuits. Only some 24,000 people reside in Seal Beach, and they are proud of their quaint city. Because of Seal Beach’s proximity to Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, and a number of other renowned southern California destinations, those who enjoy a Seal Beach vacation will have plenty of opportunities to stay busy.

Seal Beach Pier
Seal Beach Pier

The beach in Seal Beach is long and wide, and much like Imperial Beach in San Diego County, it is considered to be an ideal place for sandcastle building. This is because of the beach’s sand, which compacts rather easily. When you’re not building sandcastles or other sculptures on the beach in Seal Beach, you can head to the Seal Beach Pier, which is one of the longest wooden piers in California. It is ideal for strolling and sightseeing, and while you take in the sights, you’ll also enjoy breathing in the fresh ocean air. There is a restaurant at the end of Seal Beach Pier, and it is a great place to grab dinner while you watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean horizon. As is the case at most other piers along the California coast, you can fish for free off of the Seal Beach Pier, which is something that will help to encourage anglers to plan a Seal Beach vacation.

For those who like to surf, the waves at the beach in Seal Beach often present ideal conditions, and among the best spots to surf here is near the pier. Another top place to catch some waves during your Seal Beach vacation is Ray Bay, which is also known as Stingray Bay. Ray Bay is found at the mouth of the San Gabriel River, which empties into the Pacific Ocean at Seal Beach. As one might imagine, Ray Bay is home to numerous stingrays. These stingrays enjoy the heated water found at Ray Bay, which comes from nearby powerplants. If surfing isn’t your thing, swimming and bodyboarding are just two more things that you can partake in while hanging out at the beach in Seal Beach California, and there is also a bike path here where you can get some exercise while cycling, walking, jogging, or rollerblading. As for the other amenities at the beach in Seal Beach, there are volleyball courts, food and drink concessions, and public restrooms and showers. Lifeguards are on duty at the beach here, which helps to make Seal Beach California such a great family destination.

Seal Beach Shops
Seal Beach Shops

As a side note, Seal Beach California boasts some great shops and restaurants that are close to the beach, which is a plus for those who prefer beaches that are within walking distance of such establishments. While Seal Beach’s beach is not the most pristine and natural beach in the state, those seeking to get in touch with nature during their visit can always head to the 911-acre Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge, which is located to the immediate southeast. It is an excellent place to do some birdwatching, as it is home to a variety of shorebirds. Among the bird species that you can expect to spot at the refuge are Belding’s savanna sparrows, light-footed clapper rails, and California least terns, all of which are endangered.

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