Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is one of the iconic attractions in the state of California. Set of the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Sequoia trees of the giant forest is where 4 of the 5 biggest trees in the world are. The General Grant Grove Highway is the scenic drive in the forest of the Giant Sequoia. Not all of the Sequoia Tress are in these California Mountains, another sub species of the redwood, the coastal redwood, also has a range on the Northern California coast. The Avenue of the Giants is where you can see the other Giant Sequoia.

California Sequoia National Park
California Sequoia National Park

You'd be amazed to know how old a Giant Sequoia can live to be. Some have taken 3,000 years to grow to their enormous size, which at their largest is over 20 feet wide and over 300 feet tall. The Coastal Redwoods are a taller species that holds the record for the world's largest tree, even though most of the Sequoia trees overlooking Northern California Beach are only about 600 years old.

The Grant Grove road is the way to get to the Giant Forest. This scenic drive takes you a 5000-foot range of elevation change and different habitats. You go from foothills dotted with smaller trees like oak and chaparral to the groves of the Giant Sequoia. From the forest of Sequoia trees, you can get on one of the trails that go out into the wilderness, or explore the 200 caverns underneath the trees.

Sequoia National Park draws thousands of visitors each year, so there are plenty of trails and campsites within the park. You don't have to camp if you visit, since there is plenty Sequoia National Park Lodging. A most rustic version of a cabin rental, the cabins for rent at Grant Grove Village is perfect for two people, and you will love making dinners on the outdoor stove, then eating at your own picnic table. The nearby restaurants and stores are reasonably priced and you can get to the best hikes and main attractions from Grant Grove village, so this is some of the most popular Sequoia Lodging.

Sequoia National Park is bordered by Kings Canyon National Park, so you can access even more wilderness areas. If you do not plan ahead of time, you will probably not able to find spot on a busy summer weekend. The busiest months are July and August, so to avoid having to look for Sequoia Lodging at the last minutes, plan ahead and make reservations. If you do plan a last minute trip, it's possible to stay in a motel in a town such as Visalia, about 30 miles outside the park, and drive in each day to go hiking and see the trees.

If you want to see up close how big a Sequoia tree really is, come to Sequoia National Park. You will in awe of the majesty of these humble forest giants.

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