Shell Beach

Shell Beach California is a small, unincorporated coastal retreat that is found within the realms of the larger community of Pismo Beach. It’s an ideal place to get away from it all, and if you like scenic views, you can hardly go wrong here. While enjoying vacations to Shell Beach, you can simply sit on a park bench, enjoy area hiking trails, visit nearby wineries, and send golf balls flying at a number of golf courses that are within reach. And that’s just the beginning of things when it comes to Shell Beach attractions. When you travel to Shell Beach, you will be able to take advantage of all that the central Californian coast has to offer, so plan your trip today, and see for yourself just how much there is to do here and in the surrounding area.

The scenic ocean views are the main Shell Beach attractions, and there are various ways to take in the sights here. Sitting atop a bluff and staring out to sea is sure to relax the soul, though if you prefer a bit more adventure, you can commandeer a kayak and paddle out into the Pacific. Kayaking is without question one of the top things to do in Shell Beach California, and there are places in town where you can rent a kayak if you don’t already have one in tote. To the north of Shell Beach is Avila Beach, which juts further west into the ocean, forming a natural barrier of sorts that helps to keep the Shell Beach waters relatively calm. While paddling out among the surrounding cliffs, it becomes apparent that you are somewhere special, and there aren’t many finer ways to burn some calories.

The beach at Shell Beach California is not exactly a long or wide sandy expanse, and for all intents and purposes, the closest real beach in the vicinity is Pismo Beach. As such, those looking to lay a towel out on the sand will have to head a bit south. Back at Shell Beach, there is little more than a small entryway to the sea that serves as a beach of sorts. A good amount of visitors to Shell Beach park their cars on a bluff overhead and take the steps down to enjoy the small cove. In addition to the cove and the scenic ocean views, the tide pools are among the top Shell Beach attractions. Often times, you can observe small, marine creatures going about their business in these tide pools.

There is a small park known as Margo Dodd Park that you can visit on vacations to Shell Beach, and it is an ideal spot for watching the sunset. You can choose to enjoy the views from the park’s gazebo, or opt instead to lay out the contents of your picnic basket and enjoy a dining experience that you aren’t soon to forget. Another relaxing pursuit that is often part of vacations to Shell Beach is fishing, and you can cast your lines from atop the cliffs here. There are benches where you can daydream while you wait for the fish below to bite.

There are plenty of shops and restaurants in and around Shell Beach and Pismo Beach, so when you’re not enjoying the outdoors here, you can shop until you drop or savor a delectable meal. A tad inland, the larger city of San Luis Obispo, which is the hub of San Luis Obispo County, is surely a good place to peruse some goods and dine on local bounties. In addition to shops and restaurants, there are also a variety of accommodations in the region to choose from, including vacation rentals. For those who want to stay in Shell Beach proper, the Cliffs Resort is arguably the best option. It offers 140 recently-refurbished rooms, some of which are suites, and its bluff-top vantage point is just one of the reasons to book a stay here. Shell Beach California makes for an excellent stop when driving along the stretch of coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco, so consider adding it to your agenda the next time that you are in the area.

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