Simi Valley

Simi Valley, according to a 2013 University of Vermont study, is one of the happiest cities in the United States. You would have to think that weather and location have something to do with the residents’ brimming bliss. You can find the city of Simi Valley in Southern California, where the sun shines in abundance and it’s usually warm outside. Los Angeles and all that it has to offer is within easy reach, and there is certainly no shortage of great area beaches to take advantage of. Also lending to the allure of Simi Valley are the area mountains and the recreational opportunities that they provide, with hiking and biking figuring among the most popular things to do on the area trails.

Simi valley, California
Simi valley, California

The city of Simi Valley can be a great Southern California travel base if you don’t have your heart set on staying at a regional beach hotel or at one of the hotels in busier Los Angeles. Venturing off to the beaches and to any number of Los Angeles attractions can be done with relative ease from this Ventura County city, and there are several attractions of note within Simi Valley itself. Among these attractions is the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.

Other Simi Valley landmarks that merit a visit are Grandma Prisbrey’s Bottle Village and the Strathearn Historical Park and Museum. This city is also a great destination for golf enthusiasts, thanks to the Lost Canyons Golf Club. Grandma Prisbrey’s Bottle Village is one of California’s Twentieth Century Folk Art Environments and features some very unique structures, while the Strathearn Historical Park and Museum is an open-air park that offers wonderful insight into Simi Valley history. As for the Lost Canyons Golf Club, it offers two courses that were designed by the likes of Pete Dye and Fred Couples.

Simi Valley offers several hotels that are of considerable interest for area visitors. These hotels are especially enticing for Southern California visitors who prefer the peaceful and relatively affordable Simi Valley environs as opposed to staying in busier Los Angeles or in a more expensive area, such as Malibu. Chain brand hotels reign supreme in Simi Valley and offer plenty in the way of overall comfort and value.

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