Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain offers 260 acres and fun and more than 100 rides, games, and attractions—all easy to access from Los Angeles and Interstate 5 at 26101 Magic Mountain Parkway. With Hurricane Harbor, a water park right next door, you can double your fun under the sun at one of Orange County’s most visited attractions.

For many years, this Six Flags California park in Valencia claimed the title as the Coaster Capital of the world, thanks to its collection of mind-bending, heart-pounding rides. When three new roller coasters opened in 2011—bringing the total to 18—the park regained its title as the Coaster Capital. No other theme park has more roller coasters than Six Flags Magic Mountain or more thrills.

The collection of coasters has something for everyone from thrill seekers to families looking to have some fun together. The Green Lantern is the domain of the brave at heart; it’s the first American vertical track/spinning roller coaster. During two minutes of thrills, the coaster brings riders up a 107-foot hill before they spin their way through 825 feet of twisted track. Three turns will flip them head over heels.

Also heart-pounding, Superman the Escape reaches speeds of 100 miles per hour—at one point, the cars reverse, sending riders on a heart-pounding backwards ride. Those younger riders will enjoy the kid’s coaster, a steel ride with a 28-foot hill. The one-minute ride, which seats 16 passengers, reaches speeds of 21 miles per hour, a much more tolerable rate of speed for younger riders.

Of course, roller coasters are just the beginning of the things to do at Six Flags California. From the Atom Smasher to Yosemite Sam’s Flight School, and everything in between, the rides suit all ages. Some of the rides are especially designed for youngsters, while the whole family can enjoy others. You’ll find a mix of thrill levels among the mild, moderate, and wild rides. When you add in the rides and slides of Hurricane Harbor, you’re bound to find a favorite.

With acres and acres of fun to be had, you’ll also find more to enjoy. Bugs Bunny and other characters from the Looney Tunes are eager to visit with guests and pose for pictures. Heroes from the Justice League also make their way through Six Flags Magic Mountain—a favorite of comic book fans of all ages.

You’ll also find some great live entertainment and good eats along with some amazing shopping throughout the theme park. The calendar of events also includes concerts and other cool events held throughout the year.

If you’re planning on visiting Six Flags California, you’ll need tickets to enter the park. Anyone under the age of three can enter the gates for free—and kids under 48 inches tall enjoy discounted admissions. Season passes are a smart choice if you’re planning to visit two or more times—along with unlimited visits, you’ll have access to Hurricane Harbor, hundreds of dollars of coupon savings, and full access to any of the Six Flags parks in the country.

Even season pass holders should plan to pay for parking once they arrive. Some of the other available packages include a parking pass, which could save you enough money to grab a meal or the perfect souvenir. Meal vouchers are one option, and so are Flash Passes, which can help you avoid the long lines at one of the most popular parks in Southern California. If you really want to experience Six Flags Magic Mountain with style, you’ll love the VIP tour. A personal guide will escort to you to the head of the line and make sure your visit is as enjoyable as it is memorable.

Image: SpokkerJones, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 (flickr)
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