Sonoma Valley

Located between the Mayacamas and Sonoma Mountains in Northern California and a mere 45 minutes north of San Francisco, the Sonoma Valley is often called the origin of the California wine industry. The Sonoma Valley stretches over 17 miles of gently rolling hills and usually wide-open blue skies. Whether a family vacation or a romantic getaway, when you visit Sonoma Valley you find something for everyone in a peaceful setting.

A visit to this region wouldn’t quite be complete without stopping by a Sonoma Valley Winery. With a nearly ideal mixture of sun, soil, and moisture, Sonoma Valley wines are some of the finest in the world and come from hundreds of wineries located within the valley. Another unique point about Sonoma Valley wines is the variety of different types all produced in this one region. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or not, visiting a Sonoma Valley winery can be enjoyable. Take part in a wine tasting, check out the gift shop, or simply enjoy the scenery. There are also many restaurants in the area serving up dishes created from fresh, local produce.

For those with an agenda to sample the finest wines and seek out the very best Sonoma Valley winery, consider booking a tour with a company specializing in winery tours. Since there are so many wineries in the area, prearranged or customized tour packages are available to make sure you experience Sonoma Valley as you wish to experience it.

While the wineries are a large draw for this region, Sonoma Valley does have plenty to offer aside from wine tasting. California is often known for its larger cities such as Los Angeles or San Diego, but this region is dedicated to pure sun-worshipping, nature-driven relaxation. Visit Sonoma Plaza, the largest Spanish-style plaza in the U.S. and take a moment to relax in the 8-acres of parkland inside or stroll through the shops and restaurants at the perimeter. Take a hot air balloon ride above the valley, or go hiking or mountain biking through Annadel State Park. Other parks abound and there is no shortage of areas to hike and explore, or simply spend an afternoon on a picnic blanket. Canoe or kayak on the Russian River or visit a ropes course. The first winery in Sonoma Valley was set up about 1825 and as a result historical sites are not hard to find here either, including the Depot Park Museum or the home of General Vallejo, a pivotal figure in the early days of the valley. You can even get a taste of Africa at Safari West, an African-wildlife haven offering a journey through the animal park in a traditional safari vehicle.

No matter why you choose to visit Sonoma Valley, you can find something enjoyable to do. Often the activities are tied to nature in some way or another as this location is one of the most beautiful and temperate regions in the U.S. Enjoy Sonoma Valley wines at a single winery or take a tour, get outside and active, or simply relax in an area known for its natural beauty.

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