Sonoma Valley Wine Tours

Sonoma Valley is a unique region blessed with a near ideal combination of sun, good soil, and just the right amount of moisture that turns out some of the best wines in the world. Rolling hills, big skies, and the Russian River create a beautiful region worth a pause. Hundreds of wineries speckle the rolling countryside ranging from small and intimate to larger-sized places with gift shops or restaurants. With Sonoma Valley wines being some of the finest in the world, visiting a winery in this area is a delightful experience.

With several hundred wineries scattered throughout the Sonoma Valley, choosing which one might be best suited to your interests or taste can be a challenge. You could get online to research, but looking over all your options would be nearly impossible and what about missing that cute winery that hasn’t put up a website? Luckily, Sonoma Valley winery tours are available throughout the region.

Sonoma Valley wine tours take all the guesswork, or work of any sort, out of your visit. Whether you just want to try out Sonoma Valley wines while you are in the area or you are an accomplished wine connoisseur, tours will help narrow the field. Most Sonoma Valley winery tours have already designed tours to maximize your experience, but it is also often possible to put together a customized tour for your specific needs if this is what you desire. Along with transportation and a well-structured view of the local best, a Sonoma Valley winery tour will also allow you to travel with a knowledgeable guide who knows the area and can fill in details about most of the wineries you’ll pass or visit. Many companies provide a sommelier guide so that on top of knowing the area, the guide will also be able to answer any questions you have about the local wines.

Just about any experience you could imagine is available through the tour companies. If you have specific interests, a customized Sonoma Valley wine tour may be best for you; these may be priced by the hour or already have a set price for a set amount of time. If your interests are less specific and you just want to have an all-around wonderful winery tour, pre-designed excursions offer a range of experiences. The shorter tours are often centered on a certain area while longer ones may cover several wineries, even ranging into the nearby Napa Valley. Many companies will pick you up at your hotel if it’s local, while some may pick you up as far away as San Francisco.

Your Sonoma Valley winery tour will include tasting Sonoma Valley wines and transport between the wineries on the tour. Depending on the size of the party, vehicles can range from a private car all the way up to a well-furnished bus. Some companies offer helicopter tours as well. Tours may include anything from a private lunch or dinner with the winery owner to a picnic lunch featuring some of the fine local produce.

No matter what you dream your Sonoma Valley wine tour experience to be, there is a company to help you realize it.

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