Southern California Beaches

Southern California beaches are famous for having perfect weather and ideal conditions for summertime fun. Perpetual sunshine and miles of sandy shores makes the Southern California beaches the most visited waterfronts in the entire nation.

California is a state whose main industry is entertainment. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Los Angeles. This is the major metropolitan area and the name of the county. Home to Hollywood, the attractions here are some of the busiest amusement and theme parks in the country. From Disneyland in Anaheim to Seaworld in San Diego, when you combine thrilling theme parks with fun beaches, you have the perfect setting for an ideal family vacation.

From Malibu to Oceanside, there are dozens of beaches in Southern California. Whether you enjoy surfing or fishing, windsailing or snorkeling, Southern California beaches have so much variety that you can do it all here. Malibu is the beach that is the furthest north. Some of the 27 miles of Malibu beach is private, since it is part of the multi million-dollar estates. You can access what used to be a private property at the botanical preserve that is on what used to be Barbara Streisand's 22-acre ranch.

Between Malibu and San Pedro, there are Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach, and Redondo Beach. Santa Monica Beach has a Pier area that is a main attraction similar to the boardwalk in San Diego. This famous beach draws many visitors to its Ferris wheel and roller coaster. People of all ages when enjoy the fun on this beach. Venice Beach is one of the most interesting Southern California beaches to visit, well known for its lively street performers and artists. At Venice beach, the entertainment is just as impressive as the warm, sandy beaches.

San Pedro sticks out into the Pacific, so this is a good stop for cruise ships going to Mexico and South America and the smaller vessels that ferries visitors to the lush tropical Island of Catalina, which is twenty-two miles off the coast. Ferries to Catalina Island also leave from Long Beach. Further south, San Diego is one of the biggest beaches in the area. There is a boardwalk with amusement rides and games. The beaches north and south of San Diego are smaller, but and clean, sandy, and perfect for swimming and surfing. There are miles of Southern California beach rentals in the area, so it's just a matter of choice.

A San Diego vacation package is a great way to see the different attractions, and book your hotel and flight all once. Admission to Seaworld, flight, and lodging is one example of a San Diego vacation package. There are so many different options you have, from accommodations to the choice of attractions that are included, that this is a great value for family vacations or romantic getaways. A California vacation should be fun and easy, so you can take the hassle and time out of planning an exciting trip when you buy a San Diego vacation packages.

Further South, San Diego is a major stop for cruise ships, so this is an area filled with vacationers. The weather in places like Huntington Beach s almost perfect year round, so if you might be inspired to start looking for Southern California Beach Rentals so you can return anytime. Being so close to major attractions and other excellent beaches means that you can invite friends to come stay with you, so you can show them around and get that feeling you had when you first came here. If you like the laid back beach life and the world-class attractions in the Los Angeles area, you should look into Southern California Beach Rentals.

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