Suggested Itineraries for California

A trip to California can include anything from tours of natural wonders to time spent in some of the nation’s largest cities, and everything in between. Suggested itineraries for California can cover a broad spectrum, and depending on which sections of the California map you plan to visit it can be quite expansive. Information on some of the most popular places to travel in California can be found in these suggested itineraries for California.

Suggested itineraries for California:

1-3 Days

With only one or two days to travel California, you’ll need to choose one area and stick with it. The Redwood National and State Parks, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Disneyland all make for great vacation spots if you can only spare one or a few days to travel California. Napa Valley is also a great place to head for a day or two, and you can even stop by the Sonoma Coast State beaches while you are there.

4-7 Days

With multiple days to travel California, you will have a bit more time to explore your chosen area. Palm Springs, San Diego, and San Francisco all make excellent vacation destinations on their own, or as part of a longer vacation. If you do plan to travel to Anaheim and Disneyland on your California trip, you will likely want to spend more than one day at the park, since seeing the entirety of the area can be overwhelming. From Anaheim, Los Angeles is a close enough drive to spend time shopping or eating out in the large and popular city.

7+ Days

If you truly want to experience California, your California trip should be at least a week long, if not longer. One of the more popular road trips in the United States is renting a car and hopping on the Pacific Highway at any point and driving south. Along the way, you’ll have time to see it all. The gorgeous beaches of Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, Hollywood, Disneyland, the Redwood National Forest, Los Angeles, the Golden Gate Bridge, and so much more. The Pacific Highway will take you all the way to San Diego, and adventurous travelers can even make the short thirty minute drive from there into Tijuana.

Another excellent choice for a longer trip in California is through the inland. You can travel through Napa Valley in Sonoma and taste some of the world’s best wine as you view some of the states greenest pastures.

A California trip can truly encompass so much that finding the right trip planner for California can be the key to a great vacation. Focusing on a few areas that are of interest to you is a great idea, especially if you have limited time to explore California.



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