San Jose Tech Museum

Tech Museum Once upon a time, the San Jose Tech Museum was just a mere dream. In 1978, enthusiastic members of the Junior League of Palo Alto joined with the San Jose League to collaborate on their vision of an exciting learning center that would be devoted to science and technology. The first 20,000 square foot temporary exhibit made its debut in 1990. In October of 1998, the San Jose Tech Museum opened its doors. The facility was 132,000 square feet. That day 2,800,000 visited the San Jose Tech Museum.

Tech Museum Today, the Tech Museum in San Jose is also known as the Tech Museum of Innovation or simply The Tech. The Tech Museum in San Jose is located in Silicon Valley, in the downtown section of San Jose. The major focuses of the Tech Museum in San Jose is technology and its effects on who we are and how we live, work, play and learn. The Tech has become both a research center as well as an educational and cultural venue for visitors and local alike. The museum serves as a showcase for latest high-tech gizmos and gadgets that are the essence Silicon Valley. Because of its versatility, it has become a major San Jose tourist attraction.

The San Jose Tech Museum is composed of three fascinating floors. Each of these floors has its own special significance. Like any other San Jose museum, the ground floor is where you will find the main entrance, a unique gift shop and cafe, the IMAX Theater, and a recreational area that is set aside for special events. The Hackworth IMAX Theater is named after Mike and Joan Hackworth. This popular San Jose tourist attraction shows a variety of 3-D movies. Sports and educational films are phenomenal on IMAX. While you may have seen these films at the theaters on television or on video, it is quite amazing to watch them with crystal clear images ranging up to eight stories high. With 13,000 watts of wrap-around digital surround sound, you will believe that you are truly part of the film.

The second floor of the Tech Museum in San Jose is where you can find most of the permanent exhibits. Occasionally, many of these exhibits become modified. The lower level of the San Jose Tech Museum contains the areas for temporary exhibits that are often changed. Since there is always something new at the museum, it remains a popular San Jose tourist attraction.

The Board of Directors of the San Jose Tech Museum has a definitive mission. They believe that future of the well-being of the United States is dependent innovation and development in advanced technologies. With this in mind, they strive to inspire students with interactive exhibits, empower teachers with training in the current technological applications and enable visitors from parts of the world to explore and enjoy the wonders of technology.

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