Things To Do In Sacramento

Whether it’s your first or tenth time, there are numerous things to do in Sacramento California.  The state capital offers a wide variety of activities for both young and old, for those seeking the future, or the past.

Old Sacramento

The soul of the city is located in the Old Town.  Millions of visitors make the trek into the city’s historic district – it is without a doubt one of the most popular things to do in Sacramento CA.  Once the epicenter of the 19th century gold rush, it is now 28 acres of cobblestone roads and antique buildings, displaying the rustic beauty that used to epitomize the Old West.

California State Railroad Museum

Always a bit hit with children – whether they are train buffs or not – the Railroad Museum is the largest of its kind in America.  The detailed restoration of aging locomotives is the high point of the museum, and the careful attention the museum pays to recreating an era when railroading was a new and fascinating form of transportation makes the Railroad Museum one of the top things to do in Sacramento CA.

McKinley Park

Full of picturesque trails, winding brooks and enthusiastic aquatic wildlife – McKinley Park is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.  You can tell you are not the only one with this idea, however, by its popularity with picnickers, joggers and generally everyone else you’d expect to be enjoying a park on a warm day.  The twilight hours are especially kind - watching the dusk settle into night in McKinley Park is just another of the great things to do in Sacramento California.

Sutter’s Fort

If you are looking for fascinating things to do in Sacramento CA, look no further than Sutter’s Fort - another throwback to the days of the Gold Rush, it is one of the city’s defining monuments.  Constructed in 1839, visitors can relive the old days here, the fort strives to re-enact the past with a collection of costumed docents acting out a typical day during the fort’s heyday.  This informative slice of American history makes it one of the best things to do in Sacramento California.

Old Ironsides

A renowned spot for touring bands, Old Ironsides is a great place to take a break from the city sights.  Whether you are coming in for the tasty lunch menu, taking advantage of happy hour or looking to experience a little bit of raucous nightlife, Old Ironsides will be perfect.  The stage is sectioned off from part of the bar, so even if the band is not your thing, Old Ironsides makes its case as one of the necessary things to do in Sacramento CA.

Downtown Plaza

For all your shopping needs, the Downtown Plaza will provide.  Located just yards away from the city’s main historic district, the rapid move from the old-fashioned section of the city directly into the modern world is a testament to American progress.  Complete with marketplaces alongside specialty shops and clothing boutiques, the Plaza feeds into an enormous mall that makes a visit here one of the most popular things to do in Sacramento California.



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