California Vacations

California is one of those states that seems to have it all, so it's no wonder that every year, millions of visitors go on a California vacation. There are three main regions on any California map that see the most visitors: Northern California, the Central Coast, and the southern part of the state. There are the regions that are the most popular settings for California vacations.

Trip to California
Trip to California

Whether you're looking for thrills and excitement, or peaceful, scenic surroundings, California vacations give you the option of enjoying both of these types of experiences. Many visitors choose to begin their vacation in Los Angeles, which is filled with big theme parks like Universal Studios and Disneyworld. Due to their high popularity, you can save a lot when you visit these theme parks by booking California vacation packages. Since they often include airfare, accommodations, and entrance fees, California vacation packages save you the expense and trouble of planning a trip to the Golden State.

Aside from this, you will find the excitement of California beaches to be non-stop. From the fun street performers to the sexy sunbathers, you will most definitely break a sweat at Venice Beach. A great deal of the Malibu beaches are off limits to the public, but around the Malibu Pier you can enjoy the views of the lovely beaches and the multi-million dollar homes built to enjoy them up close. If you want your California vacation packages to include spas and sun, head east to visit Palm Springs in the California Desert. Some great California vacation rentals over looking the beaches are available, but these are filled all summer long, so you want to reserve well in advance.

Vacation to California
Vacation to California

If you're staying for a couple weeks, California vacation rentals are a great way to really get into the vibe of the place you're at. You can experience the day-to-day life with California vacation rentals instead of the impersonal tourist experience of a standard hotel. You can have the most fun when you're relaxed and feel at home, and California vacation rentals are the perfect way to do this.

The Central Coast has its own beautiful beaches that are blissfully uncrowded and utterly different from the ones in Southern California. While the air is warm and the sun is shining, these beaches have a rich, otherworldly quality. In the spring, wildflowers cover the headlands that look out over deserted beaches studded with boulders. Some of the most incredible sunsets can be experienced here.

Because of the beauty of the beaches, this is the perfect setting for a scenic drive. 17 Mile Drive winds you through the lovely areas of the Central Coast. While this is not technically a part of Highway 1, 17 Mile Drive does take you through the beautiful coastal areas that is the reason there is a world class gold course and expensive homes in this area. The most impressive building in the area, however, is Hearst Castle.

California Vacation Packages
California Vacation Packages

The San Francisco Bay Area draws tourists from all over the world, but especially Japan and other countries across the Pacific. Some of the trademark features of San Francisco are the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. If you make your way to Powell and Market you can catch one of two Cable Car routes to the Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39 area, where you can rent a bike to bike across the bridge, or wander through the open air markets and sample fresh fish. If you love the maritime feel, take the experience a step further and visit Aquarium of the Bay.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you can venture beyond San Francisco and explore the wineries in Napa Valley. California Mountains to the west, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, offer you a glimpse into the rugged California wilderness. The Gold Rush is responsible for the creation of the small towns in the area, which have an atmosphere totally different from anything you've experienced, which you can find only on California vacations.

Regardless of what part of the state you visit, the line will blur between fantasy and reality. The rich colors and fragrant breezes you encounter on a California vacation is like something out of your most idyllic, sun soaked dreams.

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