Ventura Beaches

The city of San Buenaventura, which is more commonly known simply as Ventura, is a southern California Mecca for surfers, and when you visit one of the Ventura beaches, it's extremely likely that you will see at least one person riding the waves. Home to approximately 100,000 people, Ventura California boasts much more than just idyllic strands of sand, which makes Ventura vacations a good fit for just about anybody. More-or-less equidistant from Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Ventura enjoys a coastal location that boasts some of the best weather in the country. You can treat yourself to a slice of the southern California good life when hanging out here, which is why tourism is among the main industries. To help you learn about the top attractions in Ventura upon your arrival, stopping by the Ventura Visitors Center is recommended. Found at 101 S. California Street, it is a great place to learn about the city and all that it offers.

When discussing the Ventura beaches, it is important to note that there is really only one long beach here that is divided into separately named sections. This helps to create reference points, as you might otherwise have trouble hooking up with friends or remembering where you left your car. Since surfing is so popular in Ventura California, many visitors will want to know which Ventura beaches best serve the sport. If you’re only going to surf at one beach during your visit, then Rincon Beach is the place to go. Well-known by surfers across the globe, Rincon Beach is found on the northern side of Ventura and essentially begins where the Santa Barbara beaches leave off. It’s consistently hailed as one of the top five surfing destinations on the face of the earth, so that should give you an idea of how good the waves here can be. To get to Rincon Beach, you will take the Bates Road exit off of Highway 101, and when you get here, there should be plenty of parking available. There aren’t any facilities at Rincon to speak of, and though it is stunningly beautiful, it is often quite uncrowded. Backing the beach are soaring bluffs, and their protection makes you feel like you are worlds away from any kind of city.

Often more crowded than Rincon Beach, Surfers’ Point at Seaside Park is another excellent choice for Ventura beaches where surfing is the main pursuit. Because of the pounding waves and the strong undertows here, it’s rare to see people swimming at Surfers’ Point, and you’ll want to exercise care if you choose to swim here. Like Rincon Beach, there really aren’t any beach-related facilities at Surfers’ Point, though this narrow and rocky strand connects to San Buenaventura State Beach, which is centrally located and provides all the facilities and amenities that you could want. Long walks can be enjoyed on San Buenaventura Beach, as it stretches for two miles, and languid strolls on its 1,700-foot pier are also recommended. There are two parking areas close to the sand, and the beach’s facilities include a bicycle path, a restaurant and snack bar, volleyball courts, a bait shop, picnic sites, a campground, and a beach-related rental shop. As is becoming the norm at the state beaches in California, San Buenaventura State Beach offers Wi-Fi service for those who want to do some surfing of a different kind when in town.

Another beach where you can camp while enjoying Ventura vacations is Emma Wood State Beach, which is a day-use beach. That means that you’ll have to stick to the campground once the beach closes at night. For those who are looking for an ideal Ventura beach for swimming, Harbor Cove Beach is worth checking out. Harbor Cove Beach is within walking distance of various restaurants and entertainment venues, so you might choose to head here as sundown approaches. The Ventura beaches are certainly among the top attractions in Ventura, though they aren’t the only reason for planning Ventura vacations. You’ll find some excellent golf courses here, and the city is also considered to be a main gateway for the Channel Islands National Park, which is a fantastic destination for those who love the outdoors. Cultural attractions in Ventura also abound, helping to make Ventura California a delightfully eclectic place.

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