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Deciding when to go on your California vacation can really make a difference in the kind of experience you have. There are so many different regions and attractions that create different factors that can affect your California travel plans. Many of the larger attractions will offer a California vacation package, which often includes airfare, lodging, and tickets, so you can focus your energy on your family and friends instead of travel arrangements.

Aside from the weather, other factors like the tourist season have to be considered when you are making your California travel plans. In smaller areas like Napa, the crowds can be real problem for visitors who came to the area to ride on the Napa Valley dinner train and enjoy an idyllic California vacation in the peaceful wine country area of Northern California. You can avoid this by coming in the spring or fall, when the weather just sunny but not as hot as the summertime. Aside from buying a California vacation package, you can save a great deal by booking well in advance or traveling in the off-season.

Aside the California mountains and the High Sierra region, you will encounter comfortable weather on your California vacation. For some visitors, the 100 or more degrees of heat in the deserts of Southern California might not be considered comfortable, but it is the very reason visitors come to the California Beaches.

Travelers with asthma and respiratory ailments would be well advised to be aware of the smog in Los Angeles. In the summer, the heat of Southern California can increase the amounts of smog, making this city a hazard for those with sensitive lungs. If you're worried about this, you can bring an inhaler or a small facemask, so that the smog doesn't get in the way of your California travel plans.

In the north, fog and rain are the norm, with most of the rainfall occurring in the winter. In cities like San Francisco, it rains as you would expect in the winter, but in the summertime, a thick fog blows into the higher elevations in the city, clouding the sun with a cool wind.

Aside from crowds, prices rise considerably when demand is high. Prices for flights, attractions and California hotels increase quite a bit. Planning far ahead of time or using a discount airline ticket company can help you navigate these issues. A California vacation package to an attraction like Disneyworld or one of the ski resorts is a great way to save time and money, but it does require some advance planning.

Another option is going with a smaller hotel or a motel, which may not be the most luxurious option but it can help save you a lot of money on your California vacation.

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