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Yorba Linda, California is a small town where a big name just happened to be born: Richard M. Nixon. Mainly a farming town for centuries following its settlement and after its official foundation, Yorba Linda has developed into a quiet and friendly city home to the famous Richard Nixon Library and Museum and the historic Nixon Birthplace.


Yorba Linda history begins some 4,000 years ago when Native Americans settled the land. Spanish explorers arrived centuries later and also settled near the Santa Ana River. A land grant by the Mexican government afforded Bernardo Yorba to build Rancho Canon de Santa Ana which included present-day Yorba Linda. In 1858 after Yorba’s death the land was split between his wife and children and some was purchased by Jacob Stern from nearby Fullerton. An L.A. investment company bought the land from Stern and offered agricultural lots and ranches for sale. The pacific Electric Railway Company arrived in Yorba Linda in 1912 presenting farmers quick transport of their goods to Los Angeles. On January 9th, 1913, Richard M. Nixon, the United States’ 37th president, was born in Yorba Linda.

Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace

Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace
Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace  Image: StuSeeger (flickr)

In 1990 the Richard M. Nixon Library and Birthplace was inaugurated and later in 1994 when Nixon died, he was buried on the grounds. The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum offers resources for kids, teachers and the general public through several mediums including a virtual library filled with document collections, White House tapes, recordings, online exhibits, and photo galleries.

The Birthplace of Richard Nixon is also open to the public. The home, enveloped by a citrus ranch, was built by Nixon’s father in 1912 and the family lived there until 1922 when ranch profits declined and the family moved to Whittier California. The school board in Yorba Linda purchased the home in 1948 and designated it a historic home in 1959. In 1990 it joined the Nixon Library and Birthplace. Today, tours are available via a guide who presents artifacts from the Nixon’s home.

Yorba Linda Hotels

Yorba Linda Hotels
Yorba Linda Hotels

There are a handful of Yorba Linda hotels available and another few in the nearby surrounding area. Along the southern edge of the city by the Riverside Freeway heading to Corona are a few hotels including an Extended Stay. On the north side closer to Brea-Olinda there are another couple of options in small hotels. Heading west toward Anaheim hotel options pick up with several to choose between including suites by the well-known Marriott (pictured).

Top image: StuSeeger (flickr)
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