California Zoos

When visiting California, some people enjoy the personification of animals at Disneyland. Others spend their time being party animals at California's awesome ski resorts. For those of you prefer real animals, a visit to the San Francisco Zoo is an absolute must.

The enormous San Francisco Zoo is California's largest conservation center and zoological park. In recent years, it has developed a deep respect for the natural wildlife environment. May 2004 marked the opening of the African Savanna exhibit. Giraffe, zebra, kudu and ostrich can be found roaming this beautiful three acre habitat.

If you are a true animal lover, as you walk through the San Francisco Zoo, you will find that your hands are aching to pet one of the furry creatures. Your desires will be fulfilled at the petting zoo, where you can brush a goat's fur and snuggle with other types of animals. No need to be embarrassed if you don't have a kid with you. Loving animals is a virtue to be proud of!

If you are in the Sacramento area, be sure to visit the Sacramento Zoo. When it opened in 1927, the City of Sacramento brought together a diverse assortment of animals other area parks. Like the San Francisco Zoo, the Sacramento Zoo has most of the animals living in their natural habitats. In the 1990s, the Sacramento Zoo added the Rare Feline Center. Zoo horticulturalists showed their brilliant creativity in their design of a number of natural habitats. The Claire Mower Red Panda Forest is a highlight of the Sacramento Zoo. In 2001, their Panda breeding pair gave birth to two adorable Panda cubs.

If you prefer animals of the sea over animals of the land, you simply must visit some of the California aquariums. The Monterey Aquarium is home to a number of conservation and research projects. The Saving the Sea Otters program is perhaps the most heartwarming of these endeavors. Visiting the precious, adorable sea otters may well be the high point of your exploration of the California aquariums. If you've never seen one, imaging furry little teddy bears floating around in the water. Sadly, these loveable creatures were placed on the endangered species list in 1977. The survival of the sea otter has become a mission for the Monterey Aquarium.

The Aquarium of the Pacific is another one of the impressive California aquariums. Located in Long Beach California, this interactive aquarium allows you to come face to face with creatures at the Shark Lagoon. Over the summer, you can visit the dolphins, seals and birds in the Wildlife and Whale Cruise.

If you would like to touch and feed the dolphins, you will love visiting Sea World San Diego. Shamu the Killer Whale will dazzle you with a performance of his amazing antics. You can even arrange a special breakfast or dinner with Shamu! Don't worry. You will not be the meal! Sea World San Diego also features a unique Dolphin Interactive Program, where you can learn about dolphin anatomy, physiology, husbandry and training at San Diego Sea World.

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