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Trying to predict when you can find the cheapest flights to Colorado is like trying to predict the Colorado weather: It changes constantly, and does not seem to be directly related to any season. However, thanks to Jet Blue Airlines, it is usually relatively easy to find cheap flights to Denver. A few years ago, Jet Blue Airlines revolutionized flights to Colorado by offering cheap fares from New York City and Boston.  The fares were made even more attractive since the flights to Denver left the East Coast in the latter part of the evening, and the flights back east usually left at 11:00 PM. This allowed people to get a full days work on the day of departure, and a full days skiing or snowboarding on the return trip.

At the time, Jet Blue Airlines was offering the cheapest flights to Colorado. However, other airlines became competitive, and started offering their own cheap flights to Denver. As a result, it is pretty easy to find affordable flights to Colorado on a number of airlines. While there are a number of airports throughout the state, in general, flights to Denver will be the cheapest flights to Colorado. Some people who are visiting the ski areas may choose to fly into the Eagle/Vail airport or the Aspen Airport. However, in most cases, flights to these airports are less frequent and considerably more expensive.

If you are planning to visit the Colorado ski areas, the timing of your flights to Colorado is an issue that should be taken into consideration. Driving time between Denver Airport and the Summit County Colorado ski areas can take anywhere from one to two hours. The other resorts such as Vail, Aspen and Steamboat Springs are even further away. In general, the cheapest flights to Colorado arrive later in the evening. If you have arranged for a Colorado car rental, the late arrival is not a problem.

Getting lost from the airport is not an issue, since you simply follow Interstate 70 to Summit County. However, if you are planning on taking Colorado Mountain Express or any of the other Colorado airport shuttles, most stop running at about 9:30 PM. You may want to consider staying at a Denver airport hotel. Not only are they pretty inexpensive, if you are coming from sea level, a hotel stay in Denver will give you a chance to acclimate to the altitude. Additionally, many of the Denver hotel shuttles will meet the flights to Denver.

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