Boulder Colorado

Almost anyone who enjoys the arts and the great outdoors yearns to visit Boulder Colorado. Once you finally visit this beautiful city, it is easy to understand the intricate relationship between arts and the outdoors in Boulder Colorado. Both residents and visitors become inspired by the 31, 000 acres of recreational open space and nature preserves that surround the city. There are also plenty of opportunities for Colorado hiking, biking and rock climbing. The fact that there are a number of hiking trails located just a short drive from the city has had a strong influence on Boulder Colorado tourism.

The City of Boulder Colorado has created an Urban Wildlife Management Plan, which sets stringent policies for managing and protecting urban wildlife. Additionally, the city's parks department has a Conservative Team that monitors parks to protect ecosystems. Since this strong concern for the welfare of wildlife is somewhat unusual for an urban development, some of the Boulder Colorado tourism focuses on this aspect of Boulder City government.

A visit to the city's unique universities is another major focus of Boulder Colorado tourism. For example, The Naropa Institute is one of the only Buddhist Universities in the United States. Chogyam Trungpa founded Naropa in 1974. In 1959 after the Chinese invasion, Trungpa escaped Tibet through the Himalayas to northern India. In the tradition of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other exiled teachers, he continued to teach and transmit the wisdom of the Buddhism.

In 1970, he began presenting Buddhist teachings throughout the United States. When he founded the Naropa University in 1974, his dream of creating a university that would combine contemplative studies with traditional Western scholastic and artistic disciplines was fulfilled. If you followed The Beat Tour of Denver poets, you might be interested to know that Allen Ginsberg began the Disembodied Poetics program at Naropa. This summer writing program has been in existence for over 30 years.

After exploring Boulder's outdoor life and cultural heritage, you will probably find yourself in need of some nourishment. No worries! There are a number of fantastic Boulder restaurants. Although there are excellent Boulder restaurants throughout the entire city, the Pearl Street Mall, which is one of the major points of Boulder Colorado tourism, has the greatest variety. The Pearl Street Mall has every type of ethnic restaurant you can imagine; along with some that you never thought existed. Additionally, in the warmer weather, the streets of the Pearl Street mall are filled with sidewalk entertainers. After a patio lunch or dinner, you can stroll along the tree-lined streets and browse through the unique shops. Later, stop in for desert at one of the Boulder restaurants that specialize in delicious pastries!

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