Carbondale CO, located 170 miles from Denver, offers an experience amidst some of the finest scenery in the nation throughout the year. Like many western towns in the United States, Carbondale originally sprung up from mining camps, when silver and gold were first discovered in 1879. Two years later, twenty families were living in the valley, ranchers and farmers. The mainstay crop was, of course, potatoes; there’s even a Potato Day to celebrate this legacy. Folks can engage in any number of activities, from shopping to hiking to lounging in the hot springs. Many visitors of Carbondale are vacationing in Aspen and have come for a less commercialized experience.

Outdoor Recreation

Carbondale, Colorado
Carbondale, Colorado

Hiking or biking through the trails in the warm summer months or skiing or boarding the slopes in winter, vacationers can experience a variety of outdoors activities. With 44 miles of trail and various access points, the Rio Grande bike trail is definitely a must do for every biker. Fly fishing is among the popular sports for many visitors, and since Roaring Fork Valley is a prime location with plenty of fine fishing days, it isn’t any wonder.

Hot Springs

Just south of Carbondale, at Avalanche Ranch and Penny Hot Springs, are the geothermal pools and springs where vacationers can take a dip in the healing and restorative waters. These steaming waters are especially nice after a day (or two or three) of adventuring through the countryside, soaking the muscles and preparing for a return to daily life or another bout of adventuring.

Hotels & Lodging

Carbondale Hotels
Hotels & Lodging

Vacationers can find a wide selection of accommodations in Carbondale, including historical inns and hotels, rugged campgrounds, rustic cabins, charming bed and breakfasts, and private vacation rentals, each place offering a unique experience for every vacationer.

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