Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport (IATA code DIA) is one of the world's best airports, and it's also one of the busiest. No other commercial airport in the United States is larger than the Denver Airport in terms of land area, and you might be interested to know that it also boasts one of the tallest control towers on the planet. The tower rises nearly 330 feet into the sky, while the entire airport covers just over 50 square miles—that's larger than Manhattan.

Some 50 million people pass through DIA on a yearly basis, and there are plenty of amenities and facilities in place to keep these travelers happy. Denver International Airport gets a lot of praise for its overall quality, and when travelers find themselves with time to burn, they can shop, dine, or surf the internet. The shops include various specialty shops and common airport gift shops, while the restaurants range from fast-food eateries to upscale, sit-down restaurants with more complete menus. Denver Airport shops, restaurants, internet kiosks, and information desks can all be found in the main Jeppesen Terminal, as well as in the A, B, and C concourses. The information booths can help travelers with a variety of things, including airport navigation and hotel recommendations.

The Denver Airport can be found 23 miles to the northeast of Denver proper, so once air travelers get their bags, it shouldn't take them long to get to their hotel or vacation rental. The trip into Denver takes anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes by car, depending on traffic, and for those who have business in nearby Aurora, the drive is even shorter. Other ground transportation options are available, and for many, an airport shuttle is preferable to a car. That being said, a car can come in very handy on Denver vacations, as the region is overflowing with side trip destinations that are of a considerable quality.

For travelers who need Denver Airport parking, the fact that the airport has a lot of room to work with means that there are plenty of parking options. Both long term and short term parking is available, and while some travelers will opt to pay extra for a garage spot, others will choose instead to save some money by parking in an uncovered, discount lot. For those who need short term Denver Airport Parking, there is a relatively cheap short term lot that charges a few bucks an hour. There is also a free, cell-phone lot where those who are picking someone up can park for up to 45 minutes. As for long term Denver Airport parking, the garage spots are most expensive, with the Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot being the least expensive. Since the shuttle lot is a few miles away, those who are interested in economical long term parking at DIA can spend a few extra bucks per day to park in the economy lot that is closer to the terminal.

It is worth noting that the Denver area boasts more than one airport. The others are either Air Force airports or general aviation airports that serve the needs of non-commercial flights. The Centennial Airport in Centennial is an example of a general aviation airport, and it services charter flights and is used for medical and law enforcement purposes. For those who are flying into DIA, a number of fantastic airport hotels stand poised to provide an ideal place to both rest and relax.

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