Coors Brewery

Coors Brewery is one of the largest breweries in the world, and has an interesting history. Visitors can learn all about the history of the Coors Brewery on a tour, and this includes the interesting ventures that the brewery took up to stay afloat during Prohibition. For those who want to skip the history lesson, it's possible to head straight for the hospitality lounge to sample some of the products. The Coors Brewery in Golden Colorado started making beer way back in 1873, so it's safe to say that it knows what it's doing when it comes to turning out quality goods.

The Coors Brewery was founded in 1873 by two immigrants from Germany. Adolph Coors was one of the founders, and his namesake stuck. This has a lot to do with the fact that he bought out partner Jacob Schueler in 1880. After establishing itself over the course of a few decades, the Coors Brewery in Golden Colorado successfully weathered the days of Prohibition. Steady growth followed, and over time, the Coors product started to gain popularity outside of the West. The two main products that the brewery produced in the earlier days were the Coors Banquet and Coors Light beers. These beers are still made at the Golden facility, and they figure among the brews that can be sampled on Coors Brewery tours.

After merging with Canada's Molson Brewery in 2005, the Coors Company became responsible for more than twenty different beer brands. Growth didn't stop there. In 2008, the company merged with SABMiller, bringing two of America's most recognizable beer brands together.

The tours are free at the Coors Brewery in Golden Colorado, and include a 30-minute, self-guided segment that highlights the brewing and packaging processes. The self-guided tour segment can be followed with a sampling session in a cold room that features ice benches. Visitors who are less than eighteen years old will have to be accompanied by an adult if they want to enjoy Coors Brewery tours, and anyone who wishes to try any samples must be at least 21. It is worth noting that in addition to enjoying Coors Brewery tours in Colorado, those who are interested in the MillerCoors story can also enjoy tours of the company's Wisconsin breweries.

Since the tours at the Coors Brewery are free, visitors often find themselves with some extra money to spare at the excellent onsite gift shop. In addition to picking up some fresh beer that is brewed with Rocky Mountain water and High Country barley, those who are looking to do some shopping at the Coors Brewery can also buy a T-shirt, a pint glass, a sleeve of golf balls, or a neon sign.

The small city of Golden was once the territorial capital of Colorado, and it can be found just fifteen miles west of Downtown Denver. The Coors Brewery is Golden's greatest attraction, and it's proximity to Denver also makes it a popular Denver attraction. Back in the more immediate Denver area, other interesting breweries can be found. These smaller breweries can also be interesting places to spend some time when you're not out skiing, hiking, or enjoying all of the other great outdoor activities that help to make Denver such a fine vacation destination.

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