Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens is a magnificent amusement park that can be found right in Downtown Denver. Established at the end of the nineteenth century, the park relocated in 1995, and for a while, it was known as Six Flags Elitch Gardens. Despite the various changes over the years, Elitch Gardens has long remained a fixture on the list of top Denver attractions, and thousands of people pass through its gates every year between late April and Halloween. That's when this renowned Denver amusement park is open for business.

Elitch Gardens is part amusement park, part water park, and it offers more than 45 rides on its 70-acre site. The rides are divided into four categories, and they include thrill rides, family rides, kids' rides, and refreshing water rides. Among the thrill rides figure Mind Eraser and Twister II. The former is the park's biggest roller coaster, and it tops speeds of 60 miles per hour. Twister II is a zippy wooden roller coaster that was built in 1995 and modeled after the original wooden coaster from the former site. Another thrill ride that courageous visitors can enjoy is Tower of Doom. This ride takes visitors to the top of a 200-foot tower, and a swift drop ensues. The nearby Lakeside Amusement Park offers some good rides of its own, but in terms of thrills, this Denver Amusement Park has the biggest and baddest rides around.

For those who are either too scared or too young to ride the thrill rides at Elitch Gardens, there are plenty of less intimidating rides to enjoy. These more tranquil rides fall into the family and kids' rides categories. In the family rides department, the historic carousel is one of the highlights, as is the soaring, 100-foot-tall Ferris wheel. Over in the kid area, thirteen attractions that are tailor made for youngsters can be found, and they include a miniature roller coaster and a smaller version of the Tower of Doom.

The water park at this terrific Downtown Denver amusement Park is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Among the attraction highlights in this splashy area are a huge wave pool and a five-story playhouse that carries a pirate theme. Coincidentally, when the weather gets hot, Denver visitors can also look to beat the heat over at Water World or at one of the other area water parks.

While paying full price is worth it, there are ways to secure Elitch Gardens discount tickets. For locals, a season pass might be the way to go, as it can add up to big savings, while visitors can always keep an eye out for special coupons or vacation packages that include discounted admission. One of the best ways to get Elitch Gardens discount tickets is to go with a group, as special group rates apply. It's also worth noting that guests who are less than four feet tall will enjoy a discount, while kids three and under get in for free.

There's more to Elitch Gardens than just rides. Visitors who want to enjoy the full experience can also check out the carnival games, hit the arcade, and do some shopping at one of the onsite specialty stores. The park is also known to host special events and concerts, so checking the events schedule can be a good idea when planning a visit.

Image: PARC Management, LLC
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