Lodo Denver

Lodo Denver, short for the Lower Downtown District, is the perfect complement to the Downtown District. This vibrant neighborhood attracts visitors with its mix of shops, restaurants, clubs, and other attractions. In 1995, the addition of Coors Field only helped to cement Lodo Denver as a top place to spend some time in the Mile High City. Surrounding this attractive ballpark are historic buildings that have been lovingly restored, and since skyscrapers aren't allowed in Lower Downtown Denver, the district has little trouble maintaining its historical appeal.

Defining Lodo Denver can be hard, as the boundaries seem to vary depending on who you ask. Essentially, this trendy, mixed-use neighborhood encompasses the area between Coors Field and the Pepsi Center, with Wynkoop Street, Market Street, 20th Street, and Speer Boulevard serving as borders. Lower Downtown Denver is comprised by more than twenty blocks, and it is where the city essentially grew up in the latter half of the 1800s. Over time, the Victorian homes and brick warehouses were largely neglected and Lodo Denver became a rather seedy neighborhood. In 1988, City Council saw the value in converting Lodo into the destination that it is today, and many locals and tourists alike have the Lodo Denver attractions high on their list when it comes to finding things to do.

The Lodo restaurants figure among the district's main attractions, and they are often full of sports fans who are either going to or coming from a sporting event at the Pepsi Center or Coors Field. Some of the restaurants offer sidewalk seating when the weather is nice, and they can make excellent places to stop for a while between shopping sprees. Regardless of what you have a taste for, the Lodo restaurants can satisfy your needs, thanks to the fact that they offer a lot in the way of variety. Two of the local restaurants are attached to breweries, one of which is the Wynkoop Brewery. This brewery was actually founded by the mayor of Denver in 1988. As for the other brewery in Lower Downtown Denver, it can be found at the Pepsi Center.

After getting some dinner at one of the Lodo restaurants, many visitors stick around to enjoy some nightlife. There are more than 70 bars and restaurants in Lodo Denver, so visitors can come up with any number of combinations when it comes to planning a night out. During the day, the Lodo restaurants can be ideal places to rest when a break from the boutiques is in order. The myriad shops aren't the only daytime Lodo Denver attractions, however. The district is also home to the Elitch Gardens Amusement Park, and for those who like good museums, both the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Children's Museum of Denver also call Lodo home.

When Lodo Denver visitors aren't enjoying the shops, restaurants, clubs, and other attractions, taking a walking tour can be very rewarding. The historic buildings are beautiful, and nearby Larimer Square is historic and charming. Guided walking tours of Lower Downtown Denver can be arranged. This often visit Union Station. This train station was built in the 1880s and has been immaculately restored. The city has plans to bring Union Station into the future, making it an urban transportation hub to be reckoned with.

There are some good Lodo hotels to choose from for those who want to stay close to all the action, and the Downtown hotels also offer proximity to everything that this vibrant area has to offer.

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