Museums of Denver

Museums of Denver offer something for everyone, and they can make excellent places to spend some time when a break from shopping or the great outdoors is in order. For art enthusiasts, some of the best Denver museums are art museums, and it's also worth noting that the city is home to a plethora of art galleries. For history buffs, a stop at the Colorado History Museum and a visit to the Molly Brown House Museum can offer tremendous insight into the past.

These are just some of the museums of Denver that warrant consideration when building a Mile High City travel itinerary, and visitors are encouraged to also keep the regional museums in mind. In Lakewood, for example, The Lakewood Heritage Center offers plenty for the visitor to enjoy, including more than ten structures of historical significance.

When it comes to the best Denver museums, the Denver Art Museum deserves mention. The most renowned Denver Art Museum exhibitions are those that revolve around Western and regional art, but these aren't the only exhibitions worth checking out. Nearly 70,000 works are on display between the two buildings, and a couple of hours are generally needed if you want to see all of them. The best time to visit is on one of the Denver Art Museum Free Days, as you won't have to pay a penny to enjoy all of the fantastic works.

In addition to visiting the Denver Art Museum, art enthusiasts who are exploring the Denver area can also drop by the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art to see what it has to offer. Found in trendy Lodo, this art museum showcases the work of different artists at different times, and it has a fine library where visitors can find out what influenced the works on display. There are five main galleries at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, and the museum also has space for educational projects, as well as a lecture hall for special events. When guests aren't taking in the exhibits, enjoying a lecture, or inspecting an educational side exhibit, they can visit the onsite café and take their beverage up to the rooftop garden.

When trying to decide which museums of Denver to visit, anyone who likes learning about history should enjoy the Colorado History Museum. This excellent Denver history museum offers some fantastic exhibits that chronicle the history of both Denver and the state that it calls home. Of significant interest is the timeline exhibit, which takes a look at the history of Colorado between the years of 1800 and 1949. Visitors can also check out the model of Denver as it would have looked in the nineteenth century. It is worth noting that the Colorado history museum can be found in the heart of Downtown Denver near the Denver Art Museum, the State Capitol, and the U.S. Mint, among other top attractions. Both the State Capitol and the U.S. Mint can also be worthy destinations for historical buffs who want to learn about Denver's past.

Naming the best Denver museums can be difficult, as there are many excellent ones to choose from. When it comes to history, for example, the 1889 Molly Brown House Museum on Pennsylvania Avenue deserves a nod, while science enthusiasts won't want to miss the Museum of Nature and Science at City Park. The latter is just a short walk from the Denver Zoo, and it offers a wide variety of exhibits that cover any number of topics, including mummies from Egypt and priceless gems and fossils. If nothing else, Denver visitors can drop by the Museum of Nature and Science to see a show in the planetarium or the onsite IMAX Theater.

Between the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art and the other Denver museums, visitors could satisfy hours on end. The Children's Museum and the Wings Over the Rockies are just two more Denver museums that are worth adding to the list, and visitors can also branch out into the surrounding area to satisfy their cultural needs. Over in Golden, for example, a tour of the historic and still functioning Coors Brewery can be complemented by a Colorado Railroad Museum visit.

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Museums of Denver


Museums of Denver offer something for everyone, and they can make excellent p...

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