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Denver nightlife presents the nightlife enthusiast with a bunch of fantastic options. If nothing else, a night out in the Lodo District is worth adding to the nightlife itinerary, and thanks to the spectacular Denver Performing Arts Center, taking in a show is always an option. Lodo is the oldest neighborhood in the city, and many of its historic structures have been converted into shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Anchoring the north side of the district is the relatively new Coors Field, and after night games, the baseball crowd often filters into the Lodo streets, creating a very lively environment.

Lodo is arguably where the best Downtown Denver nightlife is to be had, and its bars and clubs are also known to fill up after basketball or hockey games at the Pepsi Center. You can barhop to your heart's content in Lodo, and if you're in the mood to switch things up a little, Larimer Square isn't far away. Also a historic part of town, Larimer Square is home to some of the trendiest Denver bars and clubs. It also boasts some tempting boutiques, so visitors might look to do some shopping before they grab some drinks.

When looking for some good Denver bars, visitors will do well to keep other parts of the city in mind. The 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, for example, is home to some attractive restaurants and bars. This entertainment hub also boasts a Hard Rock Café where it's often possible to catch some live music, not to mention drinks and food. Denver hosts more than its fair share of concerts, it is worth noting, and when venues such as the Hard Rock Café or the Pepsi Center aren't hosting one, various bars or clubs around town might just be. Both Broadway and Colfax Avenue are home to some bars, so those who are interested in adding live music to their Downtown Denver nightlife agenda might keep these streets in mind as well.

Some of the hottest Denver bars are stand-alone establishments, and they can come in many different forms, including pubs, saloons, and wine bars. Other popular Downtown Denver nightlife establishments come in the form of hotel bars, with the luxury hotels offering some of the coolest bars around. When looking to add to your Denver nightlife options, the city also features a number of breweries, not to mention a healthy collection of sports bars that can satisfy the sports enthusiast.

In addition to the Denver night clubs that can be found in the Downtown District and Lodo, area visitors who want to dance the night away can also check out the clubs in nearby Boulder. It only takes about 30 minutes to drive to this attractive college town from the Mile High City, and those who plan on partying and returning to Denver the same night can always arrange for shuttle, taxi, or even limo service. For those who want to stay closer to town when it comes to complementing the Denver nightlife options, nearby cities such as Lakewood, Centennial, and Golden are worth keeping in mind. These surrounding cities offer their own mixes of restaurants, bars, and clubs.

A lot of world-class ski resorts are relatively close to Denver. As such, it is possible to head out of town for a day on the slopes and then return for some Downtown Denver nightlife. The mountain resorts also tend to offer some excellent nightlife opportunities, though you will most likely need to book a room at one of the resort hotels if you want to stick around for some festivities.

Whereas some of the Denver bars and clubs are akin to nightlife establishments that you might expect to find in New York City or Los Angeles, others are down to earth dive bars where visitors can sip on beers and maybe even play a game or two of pool while they socialize with friends. There are Denver night clubs and bars to fit every taste and preference, and those who are interested in enjoying them should note that they close at 2 a.m. Since there are so many fun things to do in Denver and the surrounding area, however, it can be hard to keep your eyes open until 2 a.m. rolls around.

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