City Park Denver

City Park Denver is a major Colorado tourist attraction, and for good reason. This large urban park offers a number of attractions within the larger attraction, and there is plenty of open green space for free summer concerts and other annual events. Of all the Denver parks, City Park is the largest, and it is also the most renowned. There are other parks in the Mile High City that are also worth keeping in mind, however, and they include Washington Park Denver, where a lake and an old boat house figure among the facilities. Also one of the larger Denver parks, Washington Park covers an impressive 165 acres.

City Park Denver is double the size of Washington Park, and it unfolds on the eastern side of the downtown area. Whereas Washington Park boasts one lake, City Park has two, and these lakes are most often used for boating and fishing. A healthy collection of sports fields can also be found at City Park Denver, but that's not all. Other amenities include a collection of playgrounds, picnic areas, a municipal golf course, and trails that can be used for walking or jogging. Other City Park attractions include the Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo. As for Washington Park Denver, it is located on the city's southern side. A number of trails can also be found at this inviting park, and it also gets a lot of attention for its recreation center and its beautiful gardens.

For those who enjoy beautiful gardens, Cheesman Park is one of the other Denver parks that shouldn't be missed. This park to the near southeast of the Downtown District is where the Denver Botanic Gardens can be found. The Denver Botanic Gardens is one of the top attractions in town, and when the weather sours, it's always warm and beautiful inside the park's immaculate conservatory.

For those who want to escape to the highlands, hanging out at one of the Denver Mountain Parks is worth considering. Denver itself isn't found in the mountains, though the highlands lie to the immediate west. There is an official Denver Mountain Parks organization, and it was established back in 1912. There are 22 parks that figure among the parks that this organization is responsible for. It also manages two dozen conservation and wilderness areas.

Some of the most renowned Denver Mountain Parks include Red Rocks Park, Echo Lake Park, and the Winter Park Resort. Winter Park is one of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado, thanks in part to its proximity to Denver, while Red Rocks Park gets a lot of attention for its naturally formed, open-air amphitheater. Over at Echo Lake Park, the namesake lake boasts a picnic area on one side and a campground on the other.

These are easily some of the best parks in Denver, but visitors should know that there are many more in the area that beg to be visited. In nearby Centennial, for example, the Cherry Creek State Park can satisfy outdoor enthusiasts who want to get out of the city for while, and the same can be said about the Hayden Green Mountain Park in Lakewood.

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