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Denver tourism offers something for every season, and regardless of when you visit, the city's many wonderful shops and restaurants are open for business. As for the best time to go to Denver, there really isn't a bad time, though certain seasons are more ideal for certain pursuits. Late fall, winter, and early spring, for example, are the prime skiing seasons, while the summer months encourage visitors to head outdoors for warm weather activities such as boating and biking. It often comes down to having the proper equipment if you want to enjoy any and all outdoor activities in Colorado, and it's possible to rent anything from a bike to a pair of snowshoes should equipment be needed.

When it comes to deciding when to go to Denver, weather often has a lot to do with the final decision. There are two main seasons in Colorado, and they are the warm season and the cold season. A generous amount of snow often blankets most of the state during the winter months, and it can snow at any given time in the highlands. Since Denver can be found at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills, it doesn't get as much snow as mountain towns such as Avon and Aspen, though winter can see more than a foot of snowfall on the Mile High City from time to time. Late November is usually when the snow starts to fall, especially in the nearby mountains, and it often doesn't let up until March or April. As such, anyone who is looking to enjoy winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding will find that November through April is the best time to go to Denver.

May through October are the prime months for non-snow-related activities. The melting mountain snow funnels into the various Colorado rivers once the state starts to thaw, and May through October also becomes the prime season for white water rafting. Once summer nears, Denver tourism starts to revolve more around warm weather activities such as hiking and biking. Many mountain parks can be found within easy reach of Denver for those who are planning a May through October visit, and highlands ski resorts like Beaver Creek transform into prime side trip destinations for a range of warm weather pursuits, such as horseback riding, hot air ballooning, and taking jeep tours.

Sports play a big role in Denver tourism, and the city is home to more than its fair share of professional sports teams. As such, it is possible to plan a Denver visit around any number of sporting events. For football fans, September through December is the best time to go to Denver, as that's when the Broncos play their home games at Invesco Field. The basketball season starts to pick up October and starts to wind down in April, and this is when the Pepsi Center rocks during Denver Nuggets games. The city's professional baseball team plays their home games at beautiful Coors Field between April and October. Depending on whether or not these and the other sports teams in town make their respective playoffs, the length of their seasons can vary towards the end.

It is worth noting that some of the city's museums close in the winter, though most stay open year round. Denver is the cultural capital of a relatively large region, and its cultural attractions rarely shut down for very long, if at all. For those who are interested in the performing arts, for example, venues such as the Denver Performing Arts Center tend to host events throughout the year. About the only attractions in Denver proper that can't be enjoyed year round are the amusement parks, which include Elitch Gardens and Water World.

Since there are really only two seasons to consider, deciding when to go to Denver is a relatively easy thing. It really just comes down to what you want to do. When trying to decide when to go to Denver, planning more than one trip is likely to prove tempting, as there is always something fun to do here. A winter visit and a summer visit can be equally enjoyable, and the shoulder seasons of spring and fall offer their own delights, which include discounted rates on flights and hotels. Thanks to the many attractive Denver vacation packages, it is possible to get good travel deals during the peak seasons as well, so budget-minded travelers shouldn't limit themselves to the shoulder months.

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