Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs CO resides along the Continental Divide, on the western slant just north of the New Mexico border. Here, surrounded by the San Juan Forest, a plateau desert, and the Rocky Mountains, visitors will find a trove of geological and cultural history amidst a pleasantly mild climate. Untouched wilderness, tumbling rivers, and hot springs offer an enchanting atmosphere, and there are plenty of things to do in town and around the countryside.

Hot Springs

Pagosa springs, Colorado
Pagosa springs, Colorado

This region is most well known for its hot springs; the name of the town is derived from the Ute word “pagosah," which means “healing waters." In fact, Pagosa Springs is believed to have the largest and hottest natural mineral runoff in the world, and the Great Pagosa Hot Spring offers desirable healing qualities. Within the downtown of Pagosa Springs CO, three bath houses offer indoor and outdoor pools, where visitors can experience these restorative waters in comfort.

San Juan River

Flowing right through downtown Pagosa Springs, the San Juan River is a great place to enjoy a variety of activities throughout the spring and summer months. Early spring brings an avalanche of snow melt that causes the river to run high and fast, making this an excellent time for adventurers to hit the waters with kayaks and rafts for white water excursions; the wave in front of the Visitor’s Center is a particular favorite for many. Water levels diminish and the rushing waves become small swells as the summer continues, and whitewater rafting takes a backseat, while floating becomes the main occupation of the subdued San Juan River. There are several establishments in downtown Pagosa Springs that offer equipment and lessons; be sure to check with these places before heading down the river. In the autumn, a river float is a fabulous way to view the local fall foliage.


Many visitors travel to Colorado for the fantastic skiing experiences, oftentimes heading for the Colorado Mountains. The seclusion of the San Juan Mountains makes it a much more relaxing encounter with a quiet winter wonderland. The Pagosa hot springs are especially coveted at this time of year; following a chilling day rolling in the snow, vacationers can dip in the steaming waters of the bath houses in downtown for an even more relaxing end to the day. Wolf Creek Ski Resort is the main ski area in the Pagosa Springs region, about a 30 minute drive out of town. Additionally, equipment rentals and lessons are available in downtown as well as at the resort, making it a great choice for all levels of experience.

Pagosa Springs Lodging

Pagosa Hot Springs Resort
Pagosa Hot Springs Resort

Choosing accommodations for any trip is an essential part of a great vacation. From camping in the great outdoors to charmingly rustic cabins to private vacation rentals to enchanting bed and breakfasts to comfortable hotels and motels, Pagosa Springs, CO has lodgings to suit just about every taste. Locations vary from downtown to the seclusion of the San Juan Forest, and the availability of amenities is based on the property type; hotels tend to offer the highest level of modern comforts, bed and breakfasts provide an unmatched friendly hospitality, and vacation rentals bring forth the comforts of being in one’s own home.

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