Royal Gorge Rafting

Royal Gorge rafting along the Arkansas River in Colorado is a grand experience that allows paddlers to witness the natural wonders with more than just the eyes. The best time of the year for Royal Gorge rafting is during the summer, when the water is navigable and the weather is warm. The Colorado rafting trips here are generally difficult, as this span of the river is strewn with boulders and shadowed by steep cliffs, and there are great stretches of Class III, Class IV, and Class V rapids.

Near Canon City, the Arkansas River flows through the Royal Gorge, which is also called the Grand Canyon of the Arkansas. Paddlers can course through the ten mile long canyon with steep cliffs rising up on either side to heights of 1250 feet in some places. Not only is does this crevice offer an exciting run of Royal Gorge river rafting, but it also takes rafters through one of the deepest chasms in the state through Fremont Peak. In addition to running the rapids of one of the most scenic gorges along the Arkansas River Colorado, adventuring paddlers will have a chance to step away from the shores and explore a variety of areas by hiking, and some of the sights to be expected include the gorge itself, of course, the Royal Gorge Route Railroad, and the Royal Gorge Bridge.

The Royal Gorge consists of several rapids, all running between Class III and V. Some of the rapids have been named according to their shapes or the encounter one experiences while running through each one, such as Boateater, the Narrows, Wallslammer, Corkscrew, Sledgehammer, Sunshine Falls, and Soda Pop Rock. Visitors can choose from a number of packages that include other activities with the rafting experience, including a train ride, camping, tours, and other such amenities.

Visiting the gorge is encouraged throughout the year; however, since the weather plays a major role in the water levels throughout the year, some seasons are not quite as dependable as others for Royal Gorge river rafting, and this pertains mainly to the late fall and winter seasons. The warmer months of summer bring the runoff of melted snow, which heightens the levels of the Arkansas River Colorado, making this the ideal time for whitewater rafting. Along with the navigable waters, the warm weather, as opposed to the freezing months of winter, attracts the major portion of visitors during the spring and summer.

From the upper reaches of the canyon to the lower, Royal Gorge rafting provides a heart pounding excursion over some of the most exhilarating rapids on the Arkansas River. Whether you plan to just spend a day jouncing on a raft through the grand scenery of the canyon or make an entire vacation visiting and sightseeing at the Royal Gorge, you’ll never forget what you see.

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