Silverton CO, a former silver mining camp, is a designated National Historic Landmark District. Connecting Silverton and Durango is the Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, which is also a National Historic Landmark. Today, the small town thrives mainly on tourism, highlighting a quaint historical downtown, which lies in witness of a dramatic history that began with a few tents and miners hoping to stumble upon a treasure.

Historic Downtown

Silverton, Colorado
Silverton, Colorado

Considered one of the most intact historic towns in the United States, Silverton is quite a unique and charming town with a variety of beautifully constructed antique buildings where visitors can step back through the pages of the remarkable history of the settlement and its silver mining heritage. From scant tents and cabins, when the miners arrived for the trove of silver, to a bustling town of permanence when the railroad arrived to the switch in currency from silver, causing the “Silver Panic.” The restoration of the entire town led to the picturesque charm attracting visitors from across the nation, making Silverton CO standing testimony of a colorful history. Visitors are welcomed to enjoy interactive walking tours of the city. There are maps available providing detailed stories and facts about each building, including the town hall, with its shining bell tower, The Grand Imperial Hotel, one of Silverton’s flagship buildings and its oldest commercial structure, the Posey and Wingate building, which has been home to several establishments since its original construction.

Durango Silverton Railroad

Connecting the two towns is the Durango and Silverton Railroad. The first arrival of this narrow gauge train in 1882 brought growth with ease of access to Silverton. Today, the railroad still runs between the cities and is one of the most well-liked attractions in the state, drawing visitors from around the world for a unique experience through the beautiful scenery of Colorado. The train runs on two schedules, summer and winter, with varied excursions for each season. The summer train offers a daily trip between Silverton and Durango, with a two hour layover so guests can visit the historic downtown; an upgraded bus return trip will take visitors over the San Juan Skyway, another lovely scenic route back to Durango. In the winter, the train takes passengers on the Cascade Canyon Excursion, with a one hour layover at the Cascade Station near Animas River. Packages range through all types of exciting adventures, from the Polar Express to Iron Age Stone Age to Cultural World Heritage, and rates vary, so be sure to check for updated information.

Outdoor Recreation

Visitors of Silverton CO have a plethora of outdoor activities awaiting them, from hiking and trekking in the summer to skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Several articles in respected magazines have deemed Silverton the best "unknown" ski resort or the best kept "ski secret." For his 2010 winter Olympics training, Shaun White chose these ski slopes to perfect his snowboarding techniques in seclusion from onlookers and photographers.

Hotels & Lodging

Grand Imperial Hotel
Grand Imperial Hotel

From campgrounds to bed and breakfasts to hotels and motels, Silverton CO offers a wide range of comfortable accommodations, suitable for every guest. Whether it is a historical lodge which is a preferred experience, or camping in the great outdoors, this town has something for everyone.

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