Colorado Car Rental

If your travel plans involve staying exclusively in Denver or Boulder, you probably do not need a Colorado car rental. However, if you plan to venture out of the big cities and explore Colorado's backcountry and mountain roads, a Colorado car rental is essential.

When arranging for a Colorado car rental, keep in mind that Colorado law requires all drivers to carry proof of insurance, along with a valid driver's license. Safety belts are required for drivers and passengers. Drivers must be 16 years old to be eligible for a Colorado car rental.

Once you obtain your car rental in Colorado, you should be aware that maximum speed limit is 75 mph on rural interstate highways and 65 mph on non-interstates. Highway and local police patrols take these rules very, very seriously, so be sure to abide by them.

If you are looking for a car rental in Colorado during ski season, you will probably want a car with snow tires and ski racks. However, be sure to ask for the little extras that people often forget, such as window scrapers and shovels. Fortunately, most Colorado car rental companies are aware of this, but it never hurts to make sure.

There are ten Colorado car rental companies at the Denver International Airport. These companies provide a courtesy shuttle service to their facilities. All of the companies have service counters in Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5. If you are planning a winter ski trip, Summit County is the only area that does not require a Colorado car rental. The Colorado Mountain Express shuttle service goes from the Denver International Airport into all points of Summit County. If you are not carrying too much equipment and luggage, or if you are staying in Frisco Colorado, it's less expensive to take the shuttle to the Frisco Transportation Center and transfer to the free Summit Stage Bus. However, if you have a good deal of equipment and luggage, or if you are arriving in the evening when the Summit Stages switches to hourly service, you may want to take the shuttle directly to your accommodations. Keep in mind that although the Summit Stage will take you to any of the Summit County ski areas, if you are hiking, camping or fishing, you will definitely need a car rental in Colorado.

RV Rental Colorado

Many people choose to deal with the issues of accommodation by choosing an RV rental. Colorado has many campsites that are RV friendly. If you are traveling into Denver International Airport, you can find an RV rental in nearby Aurora. Bird RV Rental Colorado offers non-smoking RVs that are also pet-friendly. The RVs have a one-week minimum for rentals. Since they are not sent back out on the same day that they are returned, they are thoroughly cleaned by the time you rent them.

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