Vail Flights

Vail flights are what many travelers start searching for when the urge to enjoy some high mountain fun sets in. As a year-round resort, Vail provides activity options for all seasons. That being said, most Vail visitors have winter or summer flights in mind, as these are the peak times of year. In winter especially, the rates for Vail flights are at their highest, though good airfare deals are often easy to come at any time.

Direct Flights to Vail

Direct flights to Vail are the most appealing flights of all, as they allow visitors to enjoy more time on the mountain and less time in transit. Many of the nonstop flights to Vail depart from the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and arrive at the Eagle Vail Airport. There are usually nonstop flights that depart from Atlanta and Chicago as well.

These aren't the only cities that are featured when it comes to direct flights to Vail. During the peak winter season especially, the nonstop flights that arrive at the Eagle County Airport can also come from Miami, Houston, Newark, and Minneapolis-Fort Worth.

Denver Airport Flights

Many Vail visitors fly to the Denver International Airport and then rely on ground transportation from there. As such, you might keep this in mind when searching for Vail flights. When traffic is normal and there isn't a ton of snow on the roads, you can drive from the Denver International Airport to Vail in about two hours. As is true when arriving at the Eagle County Airport, those who arrive at the Denver Airport can rent a car or take a shuttle. The main shuttle service provider for such commutes is Colorado Mountain Express, and you can also consider other companies, such as High Mountain Taxi.

Eagle County Airport Flights

When searching for Vail flights, you won't likely come across anything that involves arriving at Vail proper. Instead, most air travelers fly into the Eagle County Airport, which is about 35 miles away to the west. A number of major airlines offer flights to the Eagle County Airport, and large aircraft are often used. Once at the Eagle County Airport, you can rent a car to get to Vail or rely on shuttle service. These are the two most popular options, though something like limousine service might also pique your interest.

Getting a good deal on Vail flights is often possible. One of the best ways to go about saving on airfare is to book your flight well in advance. You can also consider including your flight in a vacation package deal that has built-in discounts. Other things that can also be included in a Vail vacation package are ground shuttle transportation, a stay at one of the wonderful Vail hotels, and even your lift tickets. That's just the start, however, and you might be interested to know that all inclusive Vail vacation packages are even available for those who wish to take care of everything up front

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