Bushnell Park

There are many things to do in the Hartford area that provide for a vacation or weekend getaway. If you would like a good place to relax after a day full of Hartford tourism activities, Bushnell Park is a great attraction for the entire family. Bushnell Park Hartford is the oldest public park in the country and has been around since the mid-1800’s at a time when people were realizing the need for wide open spaces of land in urban centers. Visitors to the park will experience a scenic landscape of both rare and native trees. This Hartford tourism attraction is a focal point in downtown Hartford and is host to many cultural events, music festivals, and art fairs every year. Bushnell Park in Hartford is easy to get to by the well-developed network of public transportation or by car. The park is also in close proximity to many other Hartford tourism attractions and accommodations. Some of the accommodations in Hartford include stately colonial style mansions as well as large name hotel chains that offer less of a historical experience but more of the familiarity that you might be used to.

Bushnell Park in Hartford is very close to the state Capitol building which cannot be missed when taking a stroll through the park. The capital is a popular attraction for Hartford tourism among tour groups and visitors who are interested in government and story of how the state of Connecticut was established. Hartford has been the sole capital of Connecticut since 1873. Before that time, both New Haven and Hartford were considered the state’s capitals.

A vintage carousel from the early 20th century is just one reason that people love Bushnell Park in Hartford. The three minute carousel ride will have you feeling like a kid again as you marvel at the brightly painted hand carved wooden horses. Another spot in Bushnell Park worth checking out is the Pump House Gallery which was built in 1949. This building looks just like a charming little English cottage, but is actually a functional pump house and an art gallery that displays works by local artists. Although many might think that this attraction is a bit odd, the Pump House Gallery continues to be a hot spot in Bushnell Park year after year. The park is also home to an annual fiddle contest where fiddlers from all over the country compete for fun and prizes.

The best time to visit the park is during the summer months when the beautiful foliage of the trees and grassland is green and the weather is nice and sunny. Of course, autumn provides a chance to walk amongst big pile of leaves and watch the squirrels as they prepare for hibernation. After strolling through Bushnell Park or enjoying one of its many festivals, you may want to visit other destinations in downtown Hartford. Bushnell Park Hartford tourism destinations in the downtown area include the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art and the Old State House. There are also many cultural events and music festivals that take place at the Riverfront Plaza near Bushnell Park. Day or night, you will have a great time in Hartford and in Bushnell Park.

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