Connecticut Fishing

Connecticut fishing is one of the best ways to spend a warm Connecticut afternoon with your family. The many lakes and streams of Connecticut are stocked with many species of fish every year. Connecticut fishing season also features special educational programs to teach children about the chain of life, as well as special fishing areas such as trout parks. Fishing in Connecticut is looked at by many as a way to make a positive contribution to the environment by helping to control the fish population. Connecticut fishing charters are a popular option with tourists who spend the day relaxing with friends and family while competing to see who can catch more fish.

No matter where you fish in Connecticut, you will first need to buy a Connecticut fishing license. This important document is mandatory for individual fishers or anyone participating in Connecticut fishing charters. There are different types of fishing licenses available for residents of Connecticut, non-residents, and senior citizens. The types of fishing licenses available to Connecticut residents are good for the entire season. Non-residents may get a license that is good for the entire season or up to 3 days. There is a discount on fishing licenses for military members, senior citizens, and disabled individuals. Visitors should know that they must carry their fishing licenses at all times while engaging in any type of fishing activity. The state fines that are assessed for people fishing without a license are quite severe in order to protect the wildlife in the area. Fishing enthusiasts can purchase their license from any town hall in Connecticut.

Once you obtain your fishing license you may start fishing at the start of the official Connecticut fishing season in April. Before you start fishing, it is important to educate yourself on some of the rules of fishing in Connecticut. The government prohibits fishing of certain species in order to control certain types of vegetation or balance the fish population as they see fit. Connecticut fishers should know that they are not allowed to fish for Grass Carp because of the fish’s importance to other aquatic life. Before you embark on your next fishing adventure, it may be a good idea to contact the Inland Fisheries Division in Connecticut to obtain information on what types of fishing should be avoided.

One of the most popular places to fish in Connecticut is along the Eastern Long Island Sound. This fishing hot spot is the best place to catch Striped Bass and Blue fish. The best time to catch these fish is in the late spring, although fish can be caught all times of the year. Fishing at the Long Island Sound is recommended for more experienced anglers and fly fishers because of the techniques and equipment that are used to catch such a heavy variety of fish.

If you are interested in Connecticut fishing trips for families with young children, the Quinebaug River in Eastern Connecticut is a popular option. The river has a gentle current in most areas and the chances of catching a fish is high. The best time to fish is in the early fall, when the fish are at their most plentiful. The river is a perfect place to experience fishing in Connecticut because of all of the different types of fish available to catch along with the breathtaking scenery of New England. Sometimes the water is shallow enough in certain parts to walk in and this provides an excellent opportunity to go wade deeper into the water in order to catch small mouth bass.

More experienced anglers sometimes prefer the experience that Connecticut fishing charters have to offer. For the chance to catch the largest fish during the Connecticut fishing season, taking a charter can be a great way to spend a day or an entire weekend. Some Connecticut fishing charter trips travel to the waters of Montauk NY, where some of the best shark fishing in the world can be found. State of the art electronics that make it easier to catch fish is usually included on the trip.

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