Danbury Connecticut

Danbury Connecticut is one of the fastest growing cities in the Northeast and is a popular place for a relaxing vacation. With attractions such as the Danbury Fair Mall and the Danbury Rail Museum, a Danbury vacation will provide members of the entire family with a memorable experience. People who are touring the New England area may decide to incorporate Danbury travel into their tour of the New England states or make Danbury their sole destination.

A Danbury vacation wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Danbury Fair Mall. The Danbury Fair Mall offers fun for the entire family with its wide range of shopping, dining, and entertaining options. The store includes stores popular with teenagers such as Abercrombie and Fitch, the Gap, and Banana Republic. Visitors who would like to shop for souvenirs to remember their Danbury vacation also have several options at one of the many portable kiosks where vendors sell seasonal items and memorabilia. The mall has events going on at all times of the year, so be sure to fit one in to your Danbury vacation. Some of these events include build a bear workshops, arts and crafts festivals, and book signings.

Danbury Connecticut is a common destination for business travelers, as there are many companies who keep their headquarters in the city. Among some of the notable businesses in Danbury, include Ethan Allen Interiors, Scholastic Publishing, and Praxair. Whether you’re traveling for business or enjoying a Danbury vacation, the city is centrally located near several other Connecticut cities including New Haven and Hartford. New York City is also only 60 miles away and is easy to get to on a short train ride.

Danbury travel is also convenient because of the wide variety of hotels in the area. The hotels span all price ranges so the budget traveler to the person willing to spend a little more on accommodations and desires some luxury will be accommodated. Many of the hotels in Danbury provide free wireless internet access for visitors who are conducting business or would like to stay in touch with people at home.

Besides the Danbury Fair Mall, another fun destination that you may want to include in your Danbury travel experience is the Danbury railway museum. The railway facilities at the museum were built in 1903 and include an engine house, turntable, and freight house. Danbury was once a very important station for the New Haven Railroad, and was even the place where filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock filmed the movie “Strangers on a Train.” The railroad and station diminished in its importance and popularity by the 1960’s and burned down about twenty years later. The museum is an interesting place for people interested in the history of Connecticut to learn more about the importance of the railroad industry to Connecticut’s past.

Danbury Connecticut is sure to make for a memorable weekend getaway and is convenient to other parts of New England where you might be spending your vacation. Danbury travel is simple and enjoyable because of the many entertainment options and the numerous trains going in and out of the city from New York City.

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