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Connecticut events are likely to be happening close to you hotel since Connecticut is such a small state. Connecticut festivals and events happen all year round, so no matter what time of year you are visiting, you’ll have the opportunity to participate. When you are planning your vacation and are trying to decide which of the Connecticut events you would like to attend, try to plan your itinerary around your interests or what you hope to learn from the experience. The Connecticut Film Festival, for example, offers an ideal way to get in touch with your artsy side and learn more about filmmaking and history. Connecticut fairs take place all year long and celebrate the changing of the seasons, the different cultures and traditions that make up the people of Connecticut, and Connecticut’s historical past. Attending a Connecticut festival is one of the many things to do in Connecticut that will make for a fun-filled vacation.

If you enjoy antiques and with to learn more about the technology that existed before the modern days of computer and cell phones, you may want to check out the Connecticut Antique Machinery Association’s Annual Fall Festival in the town of Kent. On display at the festival are hundreds of antique machines that will remind you of a simpler time and will have you wondering how technology has come so far. The museum is attached to the Sloane Stanley Museum and also features different exhibits related to machinery and train rides for folks of all ages. This event is one of several Connecticut festivals taking place in the early fall when the weather is changing. Because of the chance of chilly Northeastern weather, it is recommended that you take a light jacket the event.

Connecticut festivals that celebrate art and media are a big part of New England’s culture. These Connecticut fairs offer the chance to learn more about different art forms, such as photography, graphic design, and film. If you are planning on taking a Connecticut tour during the summer, check the itinerary and see if the tour makes a stop at the Connecticut film festival. The Connecticut film festival is a must-see for film lovers who are interested in independent and short films made by local artists. Like most Connecticut events that you plan to attend, you may want to purchase your tickets for the festival early since seats can be limited. This is especially true during the first couple of days that the event is being held. The Connecticut Film Festival will offer a jam-packed schedule of workshops, events, and discussions. There will also be opportunities to meet new filmmakers and watch their films.

Connecticut events that celebrate New England’s rich culinary tradition are popular with both tourists and local residents. If your travels bring you to the Mystic Seaport or anywhere in Mystic for that matter, stop by the annual Chowderfest, which is one of the best Connecticut fairs for feasting on a New England favorite, clam chowder. There are a wide variety of chowders that will be available for sampling, including more traditional clam chowder and creamy corn chowder. Since the festival is usually held in October, enjoying a bowl of hot chowder will lessen the effects of the chilly temperatures. Along with eating chowder, visitors to the Mystic Seaport will learn all about coastal life in New England in the 19th century

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