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If you are planning a Delaware vacation and are to the part where you start looking for Delaware airfare, you might quickly notice that there are no major airports in the state. While this might seem like a pretty big issue at first, you shouldn't fret, because there are a handful of nearby airports in the surrounding states that can prove to be quite convenient. Flights to Delaware that actually land in the state are of the commuter and private craft variety, so unless you fit into one of the those categories, you'll be landing in another state first. Being flexible with your Delaware flights can be the best way to find cheap flights to Delaware, and with a couple different airports to choose from, you might save considerably flying into one versus another.

Delaware is the country's second smallest state, and once you arrive on Delaware flights, you'll probably be in the market for a rental car, unless you already lined that up with a Delaware travel package. It only takes about two hours to drive from the top of Delaware to the bottom, and it takes much less to cross it going east to west and vice-versa. This is why you might be flexible when choosing which one of the regional airports you want to land at. If Wilmington is where you are headed first, you might choose first to consider the flights to Delaware that arrive at the Philadelphia International Airport. It's just a half-hour drive from Philadelphia to Wilmington, and only about an hour and thirty minutes to Dover. Baltimore Washington International airport will have you within a 1 to 3 hour car ride to pretty much all corners of Delaware. You can also compare the flights to Delaware that land in Washington D.C. There are two major airports here, though the trip into Delaware thereafter is a tad longer at about 2 to 3 hours. There are a very limited amount of commercial Delaware flights that land in the state, and again, you can land within the borders if you have a private aircraft. The airport that is used for these kinds of flights to Delaware is the New Castle County Airport, which is under 10 miles from Wilmington.

You can expect to find a good amount of Delaware flights landing daily at the aforementioned airports. You can easily arrange to get a rental car at one of these airports when you arrive, but you might save a bit extra if you book your car rental and Delaware airfare together. All the major airlines have flights to the airports that you can use to approach Delaware, and since you have the pick of the litter, you can really compare rates. Not only should you compare flights to these airports for the day and time you have in mind, but you should also check the days surrounding your travel dates. When looking for flights online, you might notice that if you wait a day to fly from San Francisco to Philadelphia, for example, you might save a considerable amount. Not only is finding flights to Delaware easy because of the internet, but finding cheap flights to Delaware is also becoming more plausible.

Again, a package deal might save you some money. Often, if you book your Delaware airfare with your accommodations and rental car, the savings can really add up. In the recent past, the idea was to book a flight at least 14 days in advance if you wanted a good deal. While booking two weeks in advance might still be a very good way to find cheap flights to Delaware, it's becoming increasingly easy to find travel deals even at the last minute. If you go into your Delaware airfare search with a positive attitude and the ability to be even a little flexible with your travel plans, you might be surprised at how much you can save. Sometimes, all it takes is a stroke of luck. Charter flights to the Delaware area airports might be worth looking into if you want to find cheap flights to Delaware. Often, if charter flight companies have an empty seat, they will sell it at a discount rather than lose money on it. Also, if you have enough people on the flight, additional bonus savings might enter the picture.

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