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Bethany Beach

Welcoming visitors to the beachtown hamlet of Bethany Beach Delaware is a 24-foot tall totem pole known as "Chief Little Owl". The totem pole is one of the more recognizable Bethany Beach attractions, and once you see it, you know you're in for a relaxing and fun time. Bethany Beach Delaware is found on the state's southern Atlantic Coast, some 100 miles southeast of Wilmington. Just to the south of Bethany Beach is Fenwick Island, and these two resort towns are often referred to as the "Quiet Resorts". Much doesn't happen here once the sun goes down, so if you are looking for more nightlife, you might head to nearby Ocean City, Maryland. North of Bethany Beach, the Delaware beachtown of Rehoboth Beach offers a bit more nightlife than the "Quiet Resorts", and it's where you might choose to head if you are looking for a little more sophistication and a whole lotta shopping. Bethany Beach, much like Fenwick Island, is more ideal for those looking for a quiet beach getaway. Bethany Beach vacations are also ideal for families, as you'll generally find less bustle here than you might up and down the immediate coast.

Those enjoying Bethany Beach vacations can always head to nearby Rehoboth Beach or Ocean City if they are interested in checking out another scene. It's just a short drive to each. However, you'll likely find that the Bethany Beach attractions should keep you more than busy. The beach is surely the main attraction here, especially in the summertime. Kicking back and soaking up some rays is bound to be something you'll get into in Bethany Beach Delaware, and a stroll along the Bethany Beach Boardwalk is always a good way to spend some time. Early settlers in Bethany Beach were looking for "a haven of rest for quiet people", so you can imagine that it's pretty laid back here. Bethany Beach vacations are not as much about seeing and being seen as they are about enjoying a nice, down-to-earth good time.

The Bethany Beach Boardwalk is less busy than the one you will find at Rehoboth Beach, featuring less in the way of restaurants and things the like. Intersecting the boardwalk is the Garfield Parkway, which is where you can locate the majority of Bethany Beach shops and eateries. The kids might enjoy a stop at the Bethany Beach Country Club, which is a modest, yet enjoyable miniature golf course found on the Garfield Parkway, and the Town Museum is worth a visit. The Town Museum is found where the Garfield Parkway intersects Route 1, and it is certainly one of the more agreeable Bethany Beach attractions, partly because it offers free admission and is open year round. You might as well learn a bit about the city's history while you're here.

For those taking their Bethany Beach vacations in the summer, the weekend shows at the Bandstand and Boardwalk are always fun to catch. For those who love nature, the state and national parks found in the area are likely to be the most alluring Bethany Beach attractions. You might enjoy some camping at nearby Delaware Seashore State Park, for example, or try your hand at crabbing or clamming at the Holts Landing State Park. Parks like these are open year round, and how can you really go wrong with time spent at a state park near the ocean? Nature lovers might also consider heading about 5 miles northwest of Bethany Beach, where they will find the James Farm Ecological Preserve. You can take guided hikes through the woods here, which are especially rewarding when the wildflowers are in bloom. If you want to mix a bit of added excitement into your Bethany Beach vacations, you can always take to the Bethany Beach surf. Surfing is allowed during allotted times at Bethany Beach, and even if you're a beginner, it's a pretty good place to hang ten. The best place to catch some Bethany Beach surf is just north of the area known as Campbell Place. If a more languid day at the beach is what you're after, you might grab something to read at Bethany Beach Books. It's one of the more notable stores found here, and it's a great place to find that next intriguing novel. All in all, Bethany Beach is a great place to visit. You'll find plenty of vacation rentals here, and the Bethany Beach hotels present a nice variety. Book your Bethany Beach vacation now, and see why natives love to call this small city home.

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