Delaware Beaches

The Delaware beaches of repute are found on the state's southeastern coast. Summer is the high season for Delaware travel, and this undoubtedly has plenty to do with the beaches in Delaware. East coast natives enjoy visiting the Delaware beaches, which present a nice mix of settings and attractions. Perhaps the best thing about the beaches in Delaware is the fact that they are all very close to one another. You might prefer to stay at a certain one, while at the same time having the option to drop in on the others with ease whenever you please. Like the state that you will find them in, the Delaware beach towns are small, which is part of their appeal. Parking the car and walking to town attractions is a welcome experience for most. When you want to see what is going on at a nearby beach town, you can always hop in the car for a very short drive. Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach even have a trolley that carries visitors between them. Heck, if you feel like getting some exercise in, you can even jog from Dewey Beach to Rehoboth Beach.

Many repeat visitors to the Delaware beaches have a personal favorite, and you will definitely find each to exhibit its own character and feel. The northernmost Delaware beach resort town is Lewes. History buffs and those looking to do some Delaware fishing will find Lewes to be a good fit for them. Lewes is dubbed as, “The First Town in the First State”, and in its early days it was a whaling port. The old homes and buildings here are a joy to view during strolls or tours through town, and the Lewes hotels have among them some of the best Delaware bed and breakfasts. The fishing charter boats at Lewes offer visitors the chance to get out on the water for a good time. Lewes offers two different beach experiences. You can head to the Lewes beach on the Delaware Bay side, or hit the Atlantic Ocean beaches found at Cape Henlopen State Park. The Cape Henlopen beach is arguably the state's best. Heading south from Henlopen State Park, the Delaware beaches found at Rehoboth Beach are where shoppers and those seeking a bit of sophistication will want to head. The outlet stores here bring in visitors both in the summer and the winter, and since there's no sales tax in Delaware, you can feel free to perhaps pick up a few extra things. Rehoboth Beach has a decent nightlife scene, but it can't compare with that at nearby Dewey Beach.

On summer weekends, party-goers from cities like Washington D.C. and Wilmington like to close in on the otherwise peaceful Dewey Beach. The clubs and bars here are ideal for those who like to head out on the town for a fun time, and you can often catch concerts at one of the town's nightlife establishments. Families shouldn't feel the need to stray from the idea of taking Delaware beach vacations at Dewey Beach. While it gets pretty crazy on summer weekends, the weekdays can be very quiet. During the off season, you'll find the same to be true. If swimming in the ocean is what you are in Delaware to do, the Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach beaches are some of the state's best for doing so. South of Dewey Beach, those seeking a more quiet and natural environment will love the Delaware Seashore State Park. Like Henlopen S.P., this is where some of the best beaches in Delaware can be found. Surfers can enjoy a stretch of water here reserved just for them, and you can even enjoy surf fishing if you please.

Heading further south still, Bethany Beach has one of the more populated sandy stretches in the state. The Bethany Beach Boardwalk is fun to stroll, and you might even spot some dolphins just offshore if you look out to the ocean. There is a bandstand found near the beach at Bethany Beach, and the bathhouses behind it are very nice. On the border of Delaware and Maryland is the lively beach destination of Fenwick Island. There's a 3-mile beach here where swimming, surfing and fishing can be enjoyed. You'll find ample beach facilities here, and the Fenwick Island State Park is a great place to watch both sunrises and sunsets.

If you want to avoid the summer crowds at beaches in Delaware like Bethany Beach, you can always look into the Delaware beach rentals. They tend to have their own private beach areas that you won't have to share. You'll find the Delaware beaches to have a nice array of hotels and motels where you can also stay, so finding the right accommodations for your Delaware beach vacations shouldn't be too hard. The rates certainly go up in the summer, and some of these hotels close in the winter. Many people enjoying Delaware beach vacations also choose to head to nearby Ocean City, Maryland, which is quite a bit busier. If nothing else, it's fun to drop in on Ocean City for a day to stroll its boardwalk or to do some people-watching. It's also got plenty of nightlife to offer.

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