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With just 1,955 square miles of land area, to say that Delaware is a small state might not adequately get the point across. Second smallest to Rhode Island, for what it lacks in size, Delaware makes up for with things to do and places to see. Nicknamed the "Diamond State", Delaware is a shining jewel on the eastern seaboard. Also known as the "First State", this historical first state to be ushered into the Union is both hip and charming, upscale and unpretentious. Bordered by Maryland and Pennsylvania, and found just across the Delaware Bay from New Jersey, Delaware is at a busy crossroads. The capital city of Dover and the state's largest city of Wilmington both offer urban environments where you can enjoy a wide array of shopping, dining and entertainment options, and they are both full of a range of choices for Delaware hotels. After time in the city, you might find interest in a journey to Delaware's "Chateau Country", or decide to head for the miles of shoreline found on its eastern coast. Wherever you choose to spend your time in Delaware, the Delaware hotels have a wide selection of choices for accommodations to fit any budget and meet every need.

As you enter Delaware from the booming metropolis of Philadelphia, you encounter the state's largest city, Wilmington. The Wilmington DE hotels consist of a good number of downtown hotels that cater to business travelers, meaning you can find good prices on the weekends when the business people leave town. If you are looking for cheap hotels in Delaware, you might start by looking for weekend deals at the Wilmington DE hotels. The suburbs have plenty of Wilmington DE hotels to choose from as well, and you can be sure to find a good amount of cheap hotels in Delware that are of the discount chain variety. If there is one hotel that sets itself apart most from the other Wilmington DE hotels, it would have to be the Hotel du Pont. When searching for Delaware hotels, and cheap hotels in Delaware, be sure to peruse the options for those in Wilmington that offer packages that feature accommodations and tickets to area attractions, such as the Delaware Art Museum and the Delaware History Museum. For a relaxing picnic or fun-filled tour, you might consider visiting Bellevue State Park, and with plenty of dining choices, a night on the town is accentuated with a good meal. A nice stroll along the Wilmington waterfront is a recommended treat when visiting this sophisticated city.

The second largest city in Delaware is the capital of Dover, which is a historic city with small town charm. When it comes to the Dover Delaware hotels, you will find that a good amount of them are moderately priced. Among the Dover Delaware hotels are a bunch of good options for cheap hotels in Delaware, as many of the discount chain brands can be found around town. The DuPont Highway, also known as Route 13, is where you will find the greatest collection of Dover DE hotels. Dover has a historic feel to it, offering colonial homes and one of the nation's most well-preserved capitol complexes. Guided tours here are the way to go to gain historical insight, particularly if you visit Old New Castle. Old New Castle features some nice cobblestone streets, so you may want to leave the high heels in your Dover hotel room. Other points of interest in Dover include the Dover Air Force Base's Air Mobility Command Museum and the Biggs Museum of Art.

If you want to explore Delaware outside of the cities, the state's parks, forests, rivers and beaches provide a welcome array of relaxing possibilities. In the southeast portion of Delaware, the town of Lewes is a charming coastal town, where you can not only enjoy the Atlantic Ocean beaches, but also learn about the state's seafaring history, which has its roots in the 1600's. Lewes is Delaware's oldest beach resort town, and you can get a sense of its Dutch heritage at the Zwaanendael Museum. As for Delaware hotels in Lewes, you will find some choices for traditional motels, but you might first consider the quaint inns, many of which have you close to the heart of the town's historic sites and its best dining and shopping scenes. Lewes is just 34 miles north of Ocean City Maryland, and a good day trip consideration if you are vacationing there. Lewes is a great base from which to explore the Atlantic Ocean Delaware beaches, and outside of the summer months, you can find some good options here for cheap hotels in Delaware. There are only some 300 rooms for rent in Lewes, so in the summer, make sure to book ahead. Other Delaware beach towns where you can find Delaware accommodations and a relaxing, good time are Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach. For a glimpse of some of Delaware's most scenic coastline stretches, make it a point to visit Dewey Beach.

For some riveting country landscapes away from the shore, the state's "Chateau Country" provides some welcome views, many of which painter Andrew Wyeth made famous. The Chateau Country consists of four du Pont family estates, and the scenic area garden landscapes of both Delaware and Pennsylvania. If you are staying at the Delaware hotels in Wilmington, you can find this area just a short drive away. Places like the Hagley Museum, Longwood Gardens and the Winterthur American country estate offer up some amazing European style gardens that will have you re-planning your landscape at home. There are nice inns and bed and breakfasts scattered about this area, and with Wilmington so close, you will have an ample selection of discount Delaware hotels. From NASCAR to Ocean sunrises, and historic buildings to quaint small towns, Delaware is a joy to explore, and with Delaware hotels ranging from motels to vacation rentals, you can be sure you'll always find a place to rest your head here.

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