Delaware Motels

Everywhere you go in Delaware, it seems the Delaware motels are never too far off. The motels in Delaware range from chain brands to unique, family-run affairs. The amenities may differ a bit, but the idea is always the same. A comfortable room at a good price. That's what the Delaware motels offer. Whether you are tight on travel funds or not, the motels in Delaware can be both sufficient and convenient. In some Delaware tourist spots, the Delaware motels are pretty much all you'll have to choose from, so you might find yourself in one for at least a night during your Delaware vacation. Fret not if you are someone who prefers luxury. Many times, the rooms you'll find at the Delaware motels are quite clean and agreeable. You might not get luxury, but you sure are getting a good deal, and that should always be worth something. Sometimes, a good lodging experience has a lot to do with the staff. Since a good amount of motels in Delaware have great staffs, you've already won a significant part of the battle.

Delaware's capital, Dover, has some nice historical attractions that help to make it worthy of a visit. The Dover Delaware motels are certainly in good number, and most of the year, you will have no issue finding a room at one. However, during the two annual NASCAR weekends, you can expect a healthy increase in patrons at both the Dover Delaware motels and hotels. The bulk of the Dover Delaware motels are found on the DuPont Highway, which is also known as Route 13. North of Dover, the city of Wilmington is much the same. Though the Wilmington hotels have among them some pretty luxurious choices, many visitors are satisfied enough with the comfort that their Wilmington motel room provides. Now nobody should argue that a 4 or 5-star room is something to appreciate, but for many tourists, spending a bunch of time in a hotel room is not on the agenda. To some, as long as the bed is alright and the door locks, things are A-OK. Well, thankfully enough, the motels in Delaware provide more than that.

The Delaware beachfront motels are arguably the best in the state, if for no other reason than the fact that the Atlantic Ocean is so close. The Delaware beachfront motels definitely raise their rates in the summers, like most Delaware accommodations, and they also fill up quickly during this time, so it's important to book ahead if at all possible. A good amount of motels at the Delaware beaches are not actually beachfront, so you will also pay more for the rare one(s) that is. The beach is always within walking distance from anywhere in the Delaware beachtowns, so for most, being a block or more from the water isn't too much of an issue. In fact, it's pretty hard to actually find Delaware beachfront motels. The Blue Surf Motel in Bethany Beach is just a few steps from the beach, and it might just be the only true Delaware beachfront motel. As stated, though, other Delaware beach resort motels are found close enough to the beach for it not to be a huge issue. You can always pay more at one of the Delaware beachfront hotels or Delaware beach vacation rentals that have you right on the water if you want.

Though Delaware is a small state and easy to drive through, you may get tired when passing through and need somewhere to rest your head. If it's getting late and you plan to just get some rest, the Delaware motels found off the major roadways across the state will prove to be most convenient. Delmar, Delaware, where the Delaware International Speedway is found, is in the southwestern corner of the state, and though there's not too much around, the speedway is enough to bring in a good amount of visitors. Unless you want to hop in the car after a Saturday night race to head back to another town or city, you can stay the night at one of the motels in Delaware that are found nearby. Some Delaware motels are of the motor lodge variety. Generally, these kinds of motels have kitchenettes and microwaves among their in-room amenities, making them even more convenient than you might have ever thought.

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