Dewey Beach

The small beach town of Dewey Beach Delaware might be mostly quiet on weekdays and during the off season, but come the summer weekends, things definitely pick up. Party-goers from cities like Washington D.C., Wilmington and Baltimore enjoy the town's clubs, as well as its beaches. Dewey Beach is found just to the south of Rehoboth Beach, on Delaware's southern Atlantic Coast. You can take a trolley between the two beachtowns in the summer, so mixing Dewey Beach vacations with Rehoboth Beach day trips is as easy as can be. As is the case with many of Delaware's cities, Dewey Beach is very much a walking destination. This means that once you park the car, you might not need it again until it's time to leave. Dewey Beach travel benefits from a healthy array of hotels and vacation rentals, so finding the right accommodations here for your group shouldn't be an issue. Should you stay on the beach in June or July, you might get the chance to spot dolphins offshore from your patio or balcony.

As mentioned, Dewey Beach travel heats up in the summer. Though the year-round population for the town only comes in at around 300 people, in the summer, it's not rare to see the town swell to some 30,000 folks. As you might imagine, it's generally a good idea to book accommodations in advance when planning Dewey Beach vacations in the summer. Delaware's Route 1 passes through Dewey Beach, and it is along this main avenue that you will find a good amount of Dewey Beach clubs and bars. On summer weekends, Route 1 can get pretty backed up with traffic, as thousands of people head out on the town, both on foot and by car. You never know who you might catch performing a music set at one of the rock clubs in Dewey Beach in the summer, as various national acts are known to drop in.

Families looking to enjoy one of the Delaware beaches should not rule out Dewey Beach travel just because it has a reputation for offering some pretty wild nightlife. There is a great variety of lodging choices here to suit families, and the wide beach expanses allow for plenty of sand castles and languid strolls. No matter where you should stay in Dewey Beach, you are always just a few minutes from the beach, and the Rehoboth Bay is just as easy to reach. If you're up for an extended jog, Rehoboth Beach is only about a 15-minute run to the north. Rehoboth Beach has a touch of sophistication to it, and it is known for its outlet stores. If shopping is on your Dewey Beach travel agenda, you'll want to include Rehoboth Beach. For such a small town, Dewey Beach Delaware is quite the social destination. It seems that people of all kinds like to take Dewey Beach vacations, and the great mix of people here is just part of what makes the place so great. Dewey Beach does not exhibit as much history as many other Delaware cities and towns do, as it was incorporated in 1981, but historical sites are never too far off. Interestingly enough, the first mayor of Dewey Beach went surfing on his first day in office. That ought to give you an idea of how laid back the Delaware beaches can be. No wonder people love to come here.

Delaware golf is worth checking out if you like to play a round every now and again. Not far from Delaware's southern beach towns, you'll find some pretty nice courses. Just minutes from Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach, Baywood Greens offers a nice championship course that you might consider. Various watersports can be enjoyed on Dewey Beach vacations, like kayaking along the coast, or learning how to sail. If Delaware tours are your interest, you might check out the Indian River Life-Saving Station when in Dewey Beach. It's actually found just a bit south of town on Route 1, and it's open throughout the year. Originally an 1800's outpost for ships sailing the Atlantic, it was turned into a U.S. Coast Guard station in 1915. Today, it finds itself on the National Register of Historic Places, and guides here are happy to fill you in on all the station's history. Dewey Beach vacations can wear you out a bit if you're not careful. In this case, you can always jump up to Rehoboth Beach for a spa treatment, as you can expect a nice array of spas here.

Dewey Beach

Dewey Beach

The small beach town of Dewey Beach Delaware might be mostly quiet on we...

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