Rockford Tower

Found at Wilmington's beloved Rockford Park is the historic Rockford Tower. It's a Wilmington landmark and certainly one of the featured Wilmington DE attractions. Just one of the reasons that this more than 100-year old tower is so popular is the fact that it affords wonderful views of Wilmington's city skyline. Rockford Park itself is worth visiting, not only for the Rockford Tower, but also for the nature trails found here. Come summertime, Rockford Park, like the other Wilmington State Parks, offers an Evening Concert Series. The Rockford Tower area serves as the setting for music performances, and those in attendance can even enjoy special access to the tower.

In the late 1800's, the city of Wilmington, Delaware was beginning to develop its first complete park system. One of the city's more successful businessmen, William Bancroft, was a key figure in the establishment of Wilmington's park system. He is credited for the donation of some 59 acres of land that was used in the creation of Rockford Park, and he would be happy to find that today, the park boasts 104 acres of scenic woodlands and meadows. The Rockford Tower stands on a hill in Rockford Park, and it is approximately 115 feet tall. Built to serve as a water tower, the Rockford Tower is made of stone, making it quite the impressive architectural gem. It wasn't until 2002 that the Rockford Tower was again opened to visitors, and you can bet that the bulk of them love climbing the stairs to get to the observation area. Not only can you see downtown Wilmington from the tower, but it also features wonderful park views. The rolling hills found in this part of Delaware make for a beautiful setting, and where the wooded areas end in Rockford Park, sprawling open spaces begin.

All kinds of fun outdoor activities can be enjoyed at Rockford Park, though should you be interested in climbing the Rockford Tower, you'll have to visit on a weekend between May 1 and October 31. The tower opens only on Saturdays and Sundays during this period, and the hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Those looking to add interesting Delaware tours to their First State vacations might consider arranging a historical tour of the Rockford Tower. There are city tours that highlight Wilmington attractions, and they will likely include it if that interests you. History buffs visiting Wilmington will also want to drop in on nearby New Castle, which was the state's original capital. When the weather is nice, Rockford Park becomes one of the top Wilmington attractions, due largely to its recreational opportunities. Locals and visitors alike enjoy hanging out here with friends and family.

Hiking can be enjoyed on the trails here, as can bicycling and jogging. Couples and families might enjoy having a picnic here, and the park has tennis courts where you can put your game to the test. To enjoy more of the scenic Brandywine Valley, visitors to Wilmington might also consider a ride on the Wilmington and Western Railroad. The views from the old trains are spectacular, especially in the fall. The summer concerts at Rockford Park feature an array of musical styles, from Bluegrass and Jazz, to Folk and Rock n' Roll, so you can bank on a nice cultural evening out should you attend one. If you're bringing your dog to Rockford Park, there are "off-leash" areas that your canine pal will enjoy. In the winter, bring a sled. The hills here are certainly fun to tackle. It might not be the Rocky Mountains, but chances are it's more hilly here than you think. It's easy to see why Rockford Tower and Rockford Park are often mentioned among the favorite Wilmington attractions. Whenever you need a timeout from city life in Wilmington, you're just a short trip away from all that Rockford Park has to offer.

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