Things to Do in Delaware

For such a small state, Delaware packs a pretty big punch. The Delaware attractions could be sufficient enough for a state three or more times Delaware's size. Since you can get around swiftly and smoothly with your car or a rental car once you get to Delaware, enjoying an array of fun things to do in Delaware is a pretty easy endeavor. Even if you want to visit one of the Delaware attractions in the northern part of the state, and your peer or peers are more interested in one found in southern Delaware, you can visit both without thinking too much about it. Ideally, you want to have enough time to properly enjoy the Delaware attractions that interest you most, but even if you are tight on time, the fact that you won't lose too much time to travel is encouraging. The following is a list of ideas for fun things to do in Delaware the next time you are in the First State. Hopefully you'll find these suggestions helpful.

Climb the Rockford Tower

This 100-year old stone water tower found in Wilmington's Rockford Park is one of the state's favorite attractions, both for locals and tourists. If you are really looking for interesting and fun things to do in Delaware, climbing to the top of this 115-foot structure is certainly worth putting on the list. Free tours are offered here from time to time, and in the summers, you can often catch live concerts that use the Rockford Tower for an iconic background. The Rockford Tower sits atop a hill, affording amazing 360-degree views of both the Wilmington skyline and the beautiful grounds of Rockford Park. It's just a great place to be in Wilmington.

Visit the Old Swedes Church

Finished in the year 1699, the Old Swedes Church in Wilmington is only the country's oldest church that is still standing and in operation today. Yes, some 309 years later, people still worship here. Built by Swedish colonists/immigrants, the Old Swedes Church is an impressive structure, if not for its history, than for the beauty of its interior, and the solemnity of its graveyard. If you can get here, it is certainly worth of joining your list of things to do in Delaware, especially when enjoying the northern part of the state.

Explore the Hagley Museum and Library

Another one of the cherished Wilmington, Delaware attractions, the Hagley Museum and Library is where E.I. du Pont founded his gunpowder operations in 1802. You can tour the past home of the du Pont family here, and the old gardens are something to behold in the warmer months when the flowers are in bloom. Exhibits include a community where the workers and their families lived, a schoolhouse used by the workers' chidren, and some restored mills. The Library here is an excellent research center, retaining documents that highlight American technology. A visit here is ideal for anyone looking for historic and interesting things to do in Delaware.

Take a Ride on the Historic Wilmington and Western Railroad

At risk of recommending only Wilmington attractions, this one should not be missed if at all possible. The Historic Wilmington and Western Railroad once served as an important link to the mills in Delaware and Pennsylvania in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The historic railroad was also used by people to get around in past days, and you'll get to enjoy train transportation as it was more than 100 years ago. Spectacular views of the countryside are just part of what makes this one of the more fun things to do in Delaware, and the railroad offers an array of interesting packages and theme rides. Perhaps you will be up for a scare and will schedule one of the trains Ghost Tours. This is a history exhibit that is truly interactive.

Enjoy some Gaming and Entertainment at a Delaware Casino

In Dover, Delaware, the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino offers a fun casino experience that will have you thinking you were transported to Las Vegas. You'll find more than 2,700 full service gaming machines here, as well as some new electronic game tables. When you are not testing your luck in the casino, you can always wager on some horse races. The hotel here is pretty luxurious, offering guest rooms and suites that should more than suffice. The Toppers Spa is also more than adequate. There are an array of dining choices here, and you can even catch some big name acts. South of Dover, the Harrington Raceway and Casino presents a like casino atmosphere, and betting on horse racing is also possible. There is no hotel here, though you can also choose from a variety of dining options. The Harrington Raceway and Casino recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation, so it's better than ever.

Drop in on Henlopen State Park

Since you may have already included a trip to the Delaware beachtowns on your list of fun things to do in Delaware, you might consider doing whatever possible to visit the Henlopen State Park while you are enjoying all that the Delaware beaches have to offer. You can access year round nature trails here, climb a WWII Observation Tower for stunning views, go bird watching, and enjoy the park's wonderful Seaside Nature Center. Cape Henlopen State Park is found just around the bend, southeast of Lewes. Some of the best Delaware camping can be enjoyed here.

Shop at the Tanger Outlet Center

Shopping in Delaware is made all the more enjoyable by the fact that there is no sales tax here. You can find plenty of great malls and interesting shops in Delaware, and the outlet centers are certainly popular. Found on Route 1 in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, the Tanger Outlet Center had made quite a name for itself. In the winter when the beaches are empty, Rehoboth Beach still sees its fair share of visitors looking to put the more than 130 Brand name stores here on their lists of things to do in Delaware. There are some great brand name companies with stores here, including Polo, J. Crew, Nine West and Ann Taylor. Since you are buying direct from the manufacturer, you are sure to find some great deals.

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