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Delaware tourism appears to be on the rise. The vacation rentals being built at the Delaware beaches sure signal this. Delaware tourism revolves around many things, from the Delaware beaches to the many year round Delaware events. Delaware tours are numerous, and though some are available every week, others only come around once a year. Deciding when to take your Delaware vacation will ultimately depend on what you have planned for once you get here. If you want to enjoy the Delaware beaches, for example, you certainly won't want to plan your trip for December. That is unless you prefer beaches when it's cold outside, which is entirely possible. It's all about tastes and preferences, really. Your Delaware vacation can be just what you want it to be. Luxurious, basic, long, or short. One thing is pretty much for certain. You are bound to have a great time in the First State no matter when you choose to travel to Delaware.

Delaware is a fairly northern state, sharing borders with Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Due to the state's location, it's pretty cold here in the winter months. It's far enough south to perhaps enjoy some moderate winter months, yet still too far north to realistically avoid the cold. Southern Delaware, which is where the best Delaware beaches are found, tends to exhibit temperatures that are higher than those in northern Delaware. It's not a hugely drastic difference, but something that you might note. If you enjoy sled riding, then you might decide to travel to Delaware when there's a good chance that the northern hills will have some snow on them. Delaware tourism definitely increases in the summer months, mainly because of the Delaware beaches. Beachtowns in Delaware are quaint and quiet outside of the summers, but once it really starts to get warm outside, you can bank on the flow of visitors to increase. This is why it's integral that you book your Delaware beach hotels in advance during the summer. Some folks like to plan their Delaware vacation at the beachtown of Rehoboth Beach for the holiday season to take advantage of the outlet shopping that is found here, but it's really the summers that see considerable beachtown crowds. The rates at the hotels go up in the summer at the beaches, so if you like to travel cheap, you might come during one of the shoulder months, like May or September.

In northern Delaware, the Brandywine Valley is great to visit regardless of the time of year. This is where Wilmington is found, and many of the attractions in this part of the state are of historical value. Just because it's the middle of February, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the Hagley Museum and Library, or the Brandywine River Museum in nearby Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. In the fall, the changing colors of the leaves on the trees makes for a scenic setting that might make for the ideal time to take your Delaware vacation. You might add a tour of a Delaware winery, then spend a few nights in a charming bed and breakfast. If you like to golf, and want to see what the Delaware golf courses have to offer, many courses are open year round, but you may want to avoid the dead of winter, as you could end up teeing off in 30-degree weather or worse. Basically, there's no real bad time to visit Delaware weather-wise, and again, it really comes down to personal preference.

One of the things that affects people's decisions about when to take a Delaware vacation has to do with what events are going on, and when. Christmas time in Delaware can be a very enjoyable experience, especially should you get the chance to see historic buildings and homes decked out in Christmas decor. The Delaware State Fair takes place every July, and in August, you can take part in the Sandcastle Contest in Rehoboth Beach. Once you find the Delaware events or festivals that interest you most, Delaware tourism becomes much easier to figure out. If you want to enjoy one or more of the many great Delaware tours, getting schedules and figuring out your dates will affect when you decide to travel to Delaware. Some attractions in Delaware are open year-round, though they might feature a certain day, or days, where they close to the public. Self-guided walking tours of historic neighborhoods can be done at your leisure, though you might find a tour here and there that is not offered but once a year. This is true of the "A Day In Old New Castle" tour, which is only offered one day a year in the month of May. That is part of what makes it one of the more exclusive Delaware tours. There is no other day of the year when the private historic homes and gardens are open to the public as such.

Choosing when to travel to Delaware is a pretty easy endeavor. If one of the Delaware events suits your fancy, you're off and planning. The weather here is easy to figure out, for the most part. Cold in the winter, warmer in the spring and fall, and warmest in the summer. It's always a good idea to bring some warm clothing for your Delaware vacation, just in case the weather does shift on you for any number of reasons.

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