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There are so many things to do in Wilmington Delaware, that you might just find yourself planning a second trip to enjoy it all. The largest city in Delaware, Wilmington is by no means big, though it packs a nice punch for its size. The valley in which the city is found is where you will also find some of the most impressive American castles. The Wilmington Riverfront is coming along nicely, and you should not want for museums, restaurants and nice hotels while enjoying a Wilmington vacation, as they are all in good supply. Wilmington Delaware is found on the Delaware River, just to the southwest of Philadelphia. Since Delaware is such a small state, you can easily mix a Wilmington vacation with other Delaware cities, or choose to spend some time at the Delaware beaches. Wilmington travel is also bolstered by the city's New Castle district, which is both historic and charming.

Wilmington Delaware is quite a historic city, being founded way back in the year 1638. Sweden was the first country to claim the region where Wilmington is located, however they sent few colonists to help stake their claim. A visit to the Old Swedes Church, which is found at 606 Church Street, is always a good consideration for things to do in Wilmington. By 1655, the Dutch had all but taken the modest Swede and Finnish settlements, and 9 years later, the British would come to control this part of the eastern seaboard. It wasn't until the year 1739 that the English Crown decided to grant Wilmington an official borough charter, though the city would only truly start to see significant growth around the Civil War. Curiously enough, Delaware was basically split in half when it came to which side of the Civil War it identified most with. The northern part of the state, where Wilmington is found, is where the supporters of the Union were found, while the southern part of the state was more reserved for Confederate supporters. As war tends to do, the Civil War spurred a growth in business opportunities. Wilmington thus became home to a list of new industries that provided much in the way of materials and finished goods. Ships were a main Wilmington industry in the 1800's, and by 1868, the city was the country's biggest iron ship producer. Carriages, leather and gun powder are other industries that led to Wilmington's successful growth.

In the late 1800's, Wilmington Delaware began to develop its first major park system. One of the more successful Wilmington businessmen of the day, William Bancroft, was a major player in the Wilmington parks development, and the land he dedicated was integral to the creation of both Brandywine Park and Rockford Park. Rockford Park is where you will find the landmark Rockford Tower, which affords great views of the city. When the 1900's rolled around, Wilmington would again benefit from wars, as both World Wars helped to further stimulate the city's economy and industries. After World War II, the United States began to see many urban residents heading for the suburbs. This was true in Wilmington as well, and civil unrest in the 60's did little to convince city residents to stay downtown.

By the 1980's, however, Wilmington Delaware made moves to increase its presence in the arenas of finance and insurance. By the 1990's, Wilmington was experiencing a period of further revitalization. The Wilmington Riverfront, which continues to be developed today, is helping to make Wilmington travel all the more rewarding, and new apartments and condos are drawing urban residents back in. If you want to learn more about Delaware history during your Wilmington vacation, you might head to the Delaware History Museum. For those interested in learning a little about American enterprise, a trip to the Hagley Museum and Library is a nice addition to the list of things to do in Wilmington. Art enthusiasts won't want to miss the chance to head to nearby Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, where the Brandywine River Museum is found.

There's really too many Wilmington Delaware attractions to list in this article, so you can be sure that you will find plenty of ways to spend your time during your Wilmington vacation. Perhaps you will be interested in scheduling your Wilmington travel to coincide with one of the Wilmington events, such as the June Jazz Festival and the July Rockwood Ice Cream Festival. Many visitors looking for things to do in Wilmington will choose to spend a few hours walking along the route that starts by the historic Wilmington Railroad train station. It eventually leads to a Riverfront park, the city's Shipyard Shops, and more. The Wilmington hotels present some nice, luxury choices, and on the weekends especially, you can expect to find some nice hotel deals. The New Castle hotels help to compliment the Wilmington lodging scene, and you're sure to find some nice restaurants around town. Whether you are here to explore the city or are more interested in the nearby attractions, Wilmington travel is a great thing. Chances are there's more here than you might have ever imagined.

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