Apalachicola Florida

Apalachicola Florida
Apalachicola Florida

Apalachicola Florida is commonly referred to as the “Oyster Capital of the World” and has a rich history that is tied to its maritime culture. Before railways were built across the Gulf States, this city in Franklin County was actually one of the busiest ports on the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to oysters and other seafood, workers out of Apalachicola harvested sponges in days gone by. The sponge trade has slowed considerably, but Apalachicola is still known for its oyster and shrimp industries, which help explain the town’s annual Florida Seafood Festival. This festival is held on the first weekend in November and is the oldest seafood festival in the Sunshine State.

Apalachicola is situated on the Florida Panhandle coast approximately 80 miles southwest of Tallahassee. Covering most of the terrain between these two cities are Tate’s Hell State Forest and Apalachicola National Forest. Heading northwest along the coast from Apalachicola, it isn’t very far to Panama City. No discussion about Apalachicola would be complete without also mentioning St. George Island. This thin barrier island a few miles off the city’s coast can be reached by car or boat and has a state park to go with its long, sandy beach.

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