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If you aren't planning on arriving in your own vehicle, you'll arguably want to rent a car in Clearwater. There are other transportation options that are available to those who don't secure Clearwater car rentals, but having your own wheels is recommended. It will allow you to go where you want when you want, and there are plenty of deserving destinations in the area. In addition to enjoying side trips to nearby Tampa, you could also conceivably visit Orlando on the side with ease if you have a car on your Clearwater getaway. If nothing else, you can freely explore the Gulf of Mexico coast, which boasts many inviting beaches.

Car Rentals
Car Rentals

Parking is available at most of the top beaches in Clearwater, and you shouldn't have trouble finding a spot if you are driving to destinations such as St Pete Beach and Indian Rocks Beach. A low cost trolley runs up and down the west coast of Pinellas County, and you can always use it to get to travel between the various beach communities. Heading down to Madeira Beach is recommended if you want enjoy some shopping, not to mention some beach time. You'll find John's Pass Village and Boardwalk on Madeira Beach's southern side, and it is home to a number of interesting shops. In addition to driving to the area beach communities, those who opt to rent a car in Clearwater can freely head to any number of quality golf courses. Clearwater car rentals can be especially ideal for those who are transporting their clubs around.

If you are planning on flying to Clearwater, you can rent a car at the airport once you arrive. In addition to the St Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport, the Tampa International Airport will also be at your disposal when visiting the Clearwater area. Often times, those who are interested in cheap Clearwater rental cars choose to book vacation packages that include car rental discounts. These vacation packages also tend to include discounts on other things, such as your airfare and your accommodations, so they are definitely worth checking out. Another way to secure cheap Clearwater rental cars is to limit your choices to compact vehicles. As one might imagine, the simpler the car, the lower the cost will be to rent it.

Both the St Petersburg Airport and the Tampa Airport are home to a collection of rental car desks where you can rent a car upon arrival. The companies that operate these desks are familiar chain brands, and since they are competing for your business, you can usually secure cheap Clearwater rental cars when booking through them. Most of these companies do offer more upscale vehicles if you want to ride in style. If you really want an upscale vehicle, there are also Clearwater car rentals that are available through exotic car dealers. Often times, when you rent a car in Clearwater that is of the exotic variety, there will be a minimum time period that you must rent it for. Book through one of the more familiar chain brands instead, and you can rent a car for just a few hours if you need.

The Clearwater area is beautiful, and the fact that it averages lots of sunny days every year means that it's a great area to drive in. That's why it's recommended that you rent a car in Clearwater if aren't planning on bringing your own. You can always leave the driving up to someone else, however, if you prefer. It's not hard to book a shuttle at the airport if you need transportation to your hotel or vacation rental, and taxis are available to get you from point A to point B. You can also hop on a bus to get around, which is one of the more economical ways to go. Thanks to the fact that securing a cheap rental car in Clearwater is relatively easy, however, you might pass on the shuttles, taxis, and buses.

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