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Tours in Clearwater
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If you're planning a Clearwater Florida vacation and need some help generating ideas for things to do, you can always consider the Clearwater tours. You can easily book tours in Clearwater before or after you arrive, and there are plenty of great options to consider. Many tours in Clearwater involve getting out on the water, and they can see you enjoying things like fishing or taking in the sunset. Even if you aren't staying in Clearwater, some of the tours here might warrant at least a brief visit. Many central Florida visitors treat themselves to Clearwater Beach tours on the side when they're not enjoying inland destinations like Orlando, and you can bet that most of them have beach time in mind.

Clearwater Boat Tours
Clearwater Boat Tours  Image: Colin Miller/Imagine Communications (flickr)

Whether you're staying in Clearwater for an extended period of time or are just dropping in for the day, treating yourself to a boat tour can be a great way to spend some time. The Clearwater boat tours are definitely among the top tours in the area, and they offer a lot in the way of variety. Perhaps you'll fancy a sightseeing boat tour that includes lunch, or a sunset cruise on a Pirate Ship that features champagne. For those who are looking for some excitement, a ride on a speedboat might be in order. When you're not zipping around at high speeds on the speedboat tours in Clearwater, you'll be learning about attractions like Sand Key Park, not to mention keeping an eye out for dolphins.

Seeing some dolphins is what many visitors have in mind when it comes to the Clearwater Beach tours, and there are a bunch of local companies that offer dolphin cruises. You can also book dolphin watching tours in other area destinations, such as St Petersburg, and don't be surprised if you spot some manatees as well. Most of the boat tours in Clearwater last just a few hours, so they are easy to fit on an itinerary. They are also generally affordable, which adds to their popularity. As a side note, if you have some time and money to spare on your Clearwater trip, you might enjoy a boat tour that involves a visit to a nearby city. Some of the Clearwater Beach tours can see you boarding a boat that is destined for Tampa. Once in Tampa, you'll enjoy a guided land tour and lots of free time to explore on your own.

It's not uncommon for Orlando visitors to book Clearwater Beach tours, as Orlando doesn't boast any beaches of its own. A day on the beach in Clearwater Beach is an ideal complement to a few days of fun in Orlando. In addition to time on the beach, the Clearwater Beach tours that you can book in places like Orlando can also include a boat tour. It's not all about boats and the beach when it comes to Clearwater tours, however. Animal enthusiasts are bound to find favor with a tour at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, while those who want to learn more about the immediate area can always hop on the Jolley Trolley. The Jolley Trolley, which hardly costs anything to ride, features two different routes. One of the routes travels along Clearwater Beach and Sand Key, while the other runs along the Islands Estates area and the downtown Clearwater. You can book special narrated tours on the Jolley Trolley if you want to gain further insight into the city's history and main attractions.

Clearwater tours are popular for a reason, and you're encouraged to enjoy at least one during your Clearwater vacation. It shouldn't take long to find a tour that's perfect for you when planning your Clearwater visit, especially if you like to get out on the water. Booking tours in Clearwater in advance is recommended, and it's definitely the way to go if you have a specific tour in mind. Don't hesitate to stop by one of the four area visitor centers if you need some help getting tour ideas.

Top image: Colin Miller/Imagine Communications (flickr)
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